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struct G<X> { }
protocol P {
associatedtype Arg
static func a(_ x: Arg)
extension G : P where X == Int {
typealias Arg = X
static func a(_ x: X) {
// 推論できる
func ga<X: P>(_ a: X.Arg, _ x: X.Type = X.self) {
// 推論できない
// AppA.append(a, b) は ↓こう書き換えられる
// ↑のgaと同じカタチ
func append<X: HAppend>(_ a: X.Left, _ b: X.Right, _ x: X.Type = X.self) -> X.Result
return X.append(a, b)
let a: HCons<Int, HCons<String, HNil>> = HCons(1, HCons("string", HNil.hNil))
let b: HCons<Bool, HCons<Double, HNil>> = HCons(true, HCons(1.001, HNil.hNil))
let r = append(a, b)
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