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Last active November 26, 2022 11:25
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Setup Balance of Satoshis on a RaspiBlitz

Project and readme:

RaspiBlitz install script: usage:

Install Balance of Satoshis from the SERVICES menu

or on older versions:

# update NodeJS
bash off
bash on
# download bos install script
# run
bash on

Manual installation on the RaspiBlitz:

# check and install NodeJS

# create bos user
sudo adduser --disabled-password --gecos "" bos

# set up npm-global
sudo -u bos mkdir /home/bos/.npm-global
sudo -u bos npm config set prefix '/home/bos/.npm-global'
sudo bash -c "echo 'PATH=$PATH:/home/bos/.npm-global/bin' >> /home/bos/.bashrc"

# download source code
sudo -u bos git clone /home/bos/balanceofsatoshis
cd /home/bos/balanceofsatoshis

# make sure symlink to central app-data directory exists ***"
# not a symlink.. delete it silently
sudo rm -rf /home/bos/.lnd  
# create symlink
sudo ln -s "/mnt/hdd/app-data/lnd/" "/home/bos/.lnd"

# make sure rtl is member of lndadmin
sudo /usr/sbin/usermod --append --groups lndadmin bos

# install bos
sudo -u bos npm install -g balanceofsatoshis

Run from the bos user:
$ sudo su - bos

$ bos help

To set up a Telegram bot connected to your node:

WARNING: the Telegram Bot will send encrypted messages about the events on your node over clearnet, which are decrypted by the central Telegram Bot API

To avoid leaking your public IP to Telegram use torify before the bos telegram command to route communication through Tor:
torify bos telegram related issue: alexbosworth/balanceofsatoshis#54

  • Got to

  • Copy the API key

  • in the terminal (in tmux if want to keep running):
    torify bos telegram

  • paste the API key to the terminal

  • In your new TG bot:

  • paste the connection code to the terminal for bos.

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openoms commented Apr 27, 2020

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openoms commented Apr 28, 2020

To update use:
sudo -u bos npm i -g balanceofsatoshis

To see the options in the TG bot:

now available in the UPDATE menu

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openoms commented May 7, 2020

To uninstall:
sudo userdel -rf bos

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openoms commented May 7, 2020

Update the scripts from RaspiBlitz v1.4:

/home/admin/ v1.5

sudo /usr/sbin/groupadd --force --gid 9700 lndadmin
sudo /usr/sbin/groupadd --force --gid 9701 lndinvoice
sudo /usr/sbin/groupadd --force --gid 9702 lndreadonly

sudo /home/admin/config.scripts/

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isuldor commented Sep 10, 2020

Probably insanely obvious, but if you get an error that the grpc module is missing, and it tells you to try npm rebuild, actually try doing that.

Just saying, since when I read that message I didn't take it seriously.

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I hope you can help, but I am running into a 503 when i run any commands e.g bos rebalance.

Screenshot 2022-11-26 at 11 25 08

great plugin.

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