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Example html for container query
<article class="tl-all-wrapper" title="Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand">
<a class="tl-all-link" href="/content/en/timeline-event/holocaust/before-1933/assassination-of-archduke-franz-ferdinand">
<div class="tl-all-info-cont tl-event-dot">
<p class="tl-all-event-date">
June 28, 1914
<p class="tl-all-event-title">
<strong>Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand</strong>
<div class="tl-all-event-desc">
<p>The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand precipitates the start of the massive armed conflict in Europe now known as the First World War.</p>
<div class="tl-all-image-cont">
<img aria-hidden="false" loading="lazy" class="tl-all-image" src="/images/small/bd80a239-69bc-4e46-a98a-1ac29e5349cd.jpg" srcset="/images/small/bd80a239-69bc-4e46-a98a-1ac29e5349cd.jpg 1x, /images/medium/bd80a239-69bc-4e46-a98a-1ac29e5349cd.jpg 2x" sizes="" alt="Scene of destruction during World War I" width="800" height="571">
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