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How to use a single Logentries account on Heroku.

If you have multiple applications on Heroku and would like to use a single Logentries account for all of them, this is how you do it. Basically, do not use add-ons, and send all drains to your account.

  • In your Logentries account, click on Add Log
  • Select Manual
  • In the form that appears, input the following:
    • Log Name: access.log
    • Select Set: new set named myapp-{environment}, for instance myapp-staging (at least, this is how I like to name my entries)
    • Select the Plain TCP, UDP - logs are sent via syslog option
    • Click on Create Log Token

Logentries will set the log in discovery mode and assign you an URL and a port, such as

Add a Heroku syslog drain and point it to the provided url:

$ heroku drains:add syslog:// --app myapp-staging

Your log entries will now be available in the newly configured log in Logentries (you may need to hit the Logentries refresh button to see the new events).


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@timkinnane timkinnane commented Nov 2, 2016

So helpful. Thanks! 👍


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@mikebaldry mikebaldry commented Dec 14, 2016

Thank you. I've managed to do this before myself but its not very intuitive and couldn't remember the exact steps.


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@ctreptow ctreptow commented Mar 23, 2017

Thank you! 💯

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