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Last active Feb 5, 2020
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Docker to launch either sh/bash or node depending on the script shebang executable type. This came from a personal circumstance where to save resources, one node image could be used to run shell scripts and node scripts that both performed actions against the same resource. This condensed 4 containers into 1, giving the same result.
set -e
FIRST_LINE=$(head -n 1 "${1}")
# As the scripts can be either JS or shell, determine how to exec!
if [ "${FIRST_LINE}" = "#!/bin/sh" ] || [ "${FIRST_LINE}" = "#!/bin/bash" ]; then
eval "./$@"
if [ "${1#-}" != "${1}" ] || [ -z "$(command -v "${1}")" ]; then
set -- node "$@"
exec "$@"
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