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More wine, please.

྅༻ Ǭɀħ ༄༆ཉ ozh

More wine, please.
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ozh /
Last active March 2, 2024 18:40
Fix t911 links
$('table').find('a').each(function() {
  var href=$(this).attr('onclick');
  href=href.replace("location.href='", '').replace(/'$/g, '');

Bookmarklet with : (include jQuery)

ozh / index.html
Created March 18, 2023 15:27
Center div in body
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html {
body {
ozh / Blacklisted_MusicTitles
Created March 11, 2023 15:02 — forked from kylecreate/Blacklisted_MusicTitles
Blacklist for DynoBOT | When downloading turn the files into notepad text files | Blacklisted name stuff soonTM | Website: | Invite:
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anal, beaner, butt-pirate, buttpirate, butt pirate, chode, clit, cock, cuck, cum , cunt, dike, dyke, douche, feget, fag, fudgepacker, fudge packer, gooch, jigaboo, jungle bunny, junglebunny, kike, kooch, kyke, mcfag, nigg, niga, paki, pollock, poon, porch monkey, porchmonkey, queef, queer, rape, rimjob, rim job, ruski, slut, spic, spick, wetback, wet back, hitler, autist, cuck, douche, memes, dank, keemstar. memestar, dramaalert, gaywards, trapbar, isis, sex offender, nazi, distorted, dat boi, tank, harambe, idubbz, spooky scary, chum drum, swamp, shrek, vape nation, porn, pirate, mr krabs, vocaloid, frozen parody, fuck my ass, i'm a hoe, im a hoe, f*ck my a$$, sjw, social justice warrior, 4chan, 9gag, buzzfeed, smash mouth, spiderman & frozen, frozen elsa and spiderman, spiderman and frozen, frozen elsa & spiderman, pussy, smelly poop fart, toy monster, webs & tiaras, allahu akbar, akbar, allahu, taliban, terriorist
ozh /
Last active January 20, 2024 15:28
DALL-E prompts inspiration and examples #dalle #dalle2


ozh /
Created August 2, 2022 13:36
Change DALL-E collection layout to 4 images in a row

In the console, or in a bookmarklet :

var e = document.createElement('style'), sheet;
s = e.sheet;
s.insertRule('.collection-page-images .pagination-content {grid-template-columns:200px 200px 200px 200px !important}', 0);
ozh / gist:4968d6054b5ca83ec0e2d385c7edc51e
Created July 12, 2022 15:46
Remove read books on kobo reader from the command line
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Shell in the kobo, from the root :
`sqlite3 -header .kobo/KoboReader.sqlite "SELECT ContentID FROM content WHERE BookTitle is null and ReadStatus = 2 ORDER BY Title;" | grep epub | sed 's!file:///mnt/onboard/!!' | while read f; do rm -f "$f"; done`
ozh /
Created April 19, 2022 16:01
YOURLS Share on Tumblr

Plugin: Share on Tumblr

In the Quick Share box, add a one-click share to Tumblr link.


  • In /user/plugins, create a new folder named quickshare-on-tumblr
  • In this new directory, create a blank file named plugin.php
  • In this new file, cut and paste the following code
  • Go to the Plugins administration page and activate the plugin
ozh /
Created April 19, 2022 15:33

Backup of probably obsolete

What your web.config file for IIS should look like

Make a web.config file

If your YOURLS installation is on a IIS machine you have to create a web.config file. It's simple.

Case: YOURLS installed on root

ozh /
Created April 19, 2022 15:31
YOURLS Cherokee
ozh /
Created April 2, 2022 20:39
YOURLS DB drivers in the wild

Here are real life values of YOURLS_DB_DRIVER people use in their YOURLS config.php (data fetched on April 2022)

DB driver