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More wine, please.

྅༻ Ǭɀħ ༄༆ཉ ozh

More wine, please.
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ozh / Blacklisted_MusicTitles
Created March 11, 2023 15:02 — forked from kylecreate/Blacklisted_MusicTitles
Blacklist for DynoBOT | When downloading turn the files into notepad text files | Blacklisted name stuff soonTM | Website: | Invite:
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anal, beaner, butt-pirate, buttpirate, butt pirate, chode, clit, cock, cuck, cum , cunt, dike, dyke, douche, feget, fag, fudgepacker, fudge packer, gooch, jigaboo, jungle bunny, junglebunny, kike, kooch, kyke, mcfag, nigg, niga, paki, pollock, poon, porch monkey, porchmonkey, queef, queer, rape, rimjob, rim job, ruski, slut, spic, spick, wetback, wet back, hitler, autist, cuck, douche, memes, dank, keemstar. memestar, dramaalert, gaywards, trapbar, isis, sex offender, nazi, distorted, dat boi, tank, harambe, idubbz, spooky scary, chum drum, swamp, shrek, vape nation, porn, pirate, mr krabs, vocaloid, frozen parody, fuck my ass, i'm a hoe, im a hoe, f*ck my a$$, sjw, social justice warrior, 4chan, 9gag, buzzfeed, smash mouth, spiderman & frozen, frozen elsa and spiderman, spiderman and frozen, frozen elsa & spiderman, pussy, smelly poop fart, toy monster, webs & tiaras, allahu akbar, akbar, allahu, taliban, terriorist
ozh /
Created May 19, 2021 19:43 — forked from m-radzikowski/
Minimal safe Bash script template - see the article with full description:
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -Eeuo pipefail
script_dir=$(cd "$(dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}")" &>/dev/null && pwd -P)
usage() {
cat <<EOF
Usage: $(basename "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}") [-h] [-v] [-f] -p param_value arg1 [arg2...]
ozh /
Last active September 7, 2021 13:56 — forked from davisford/gist:5039064
git clone into non-empty directory

You have a folder with files

$ mkdir -p ~/foo && cd ~/foo
$ touch NEWFILE

You cannot git clone into it because the directory is not empty. To do so:

ozh / example.php
Last active July 26, 2022 11:55 — forked from sobi3ch/gist:5451004
PHP Array pluck function
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$foods = array(
'id' => 4,
'name' => 'Banana',
'color' => 'Yellow',
'id' => '5',
'name' => 'Apple',
ozh / HashCipher.php
Last active November 26, 2021 02:11 — forked from ircmaxell/HashCipher.php
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class HashCipher {
protected $hash = 'sha512';
protected $hashLen = 64;
protected $rounds = 16;
public function __construct($hash, $rounds = 16) {
$this->hash = $hash;
// run a test hash, to get the proper hash length

rage-quit support for bash


Put flip somewhere in your $PATH and chmod a+x it.

Copy fuck into ~/.bashrc.

View feistel.php
* This function computes a hash of an integer. This can be used to not expose values to a customer, such as
* not giving them the id value for passing them to URLs. This algorithm is a bidirectional encryption (Feistel cipher) that maps
* the integer space onto itself.
* @link Algorithm used
* @link Wikipedia page about Feistel ciphers
* @param int $value
ozh / ascii-wp-logo.txt
Created January 8, 2013 22:27 — forked from markjaquith/gist:4487609
WordPress logo - ascii style
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./oys+:.` `.:+syo/.
.+ys:. .:/osyyhhhhyyso/:. ./sy+.
/ys: -+ydmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmdy+- :sy/
/h+` -odmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmdo- `+h/
:ho` /hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmds/ `oh:
`sy. /hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmd+ .ys`
.ho `sdddhhhyhmmmdyyhhhdddddhhhyydmmmmy oh.
ozh / gist:4032822
Created November 7, 2012 16:49 — forked from markjaquith/gist:2628225
Script to sync WordPress SVN to GitHub
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# cd into the directory
cd ~/gitsync/github-wordpress-sync/;
# Make sure we are not already running
if [ -f .sync-running ];then
if test ! `find ".sync-running" -mmin +10`;then
# Currently running, but not stuck
exit 1;
ozh / disable-plugins-when-doing-local-dev.php
Created November 7, 2012 16:44 — forked from johnpbloch/disable-plugins-when-doing-local-dev.php
Disables specified WordPress plugins when doing local development
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Plugin Name: Disable plugins when doing local dev
Description: If the WP_LOCAL_DEV constant is true, disables plugins that you specify
Version: 0.1
License: GPL version 2 or any later version
Author: Mark Jaquith
Author URI: