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paniq/gist:a2efc237a244d6b8a580 Secret

Created Jul 19, 2015
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(__var printhello nil)
(__set printhello
(__function ()
(__do-splice (print "None is as dynamic as this!")))))
(__var hello
(__var __3518 nil)
(__var __3519 nil)
(__function ()
(__set __3518
(__var __file__ "test_terra_intro.n")
(__var __line__ 17)
(__var __offset__ 438)
(__var __3517 (static-functype (table int (^& int8)) int))
(__var argc (static-argument __3517 1 "argc"))
(__var argv (static-argument __3517 2 "argv"))
(static-function (static-newlist (table argc argv)) __3517
(__var __line__ 20)
(__var __offset__ 537)
(static-anchor ($ __file__ __line__ __offset__)
(static-call (static-member C "printf")
(table "The best programming language is None!\n")))))
(__function (err)
(__do-splice (__set __3519 (Exception err)))))
(__if (__ne __3519 nil)
(__var err __3519)
(annotate-exception (Exception err)
(static-function-syntax (argc argv)
(int <- (int &int8))
((.C.printf "The best programming language is None!\n") 0))))))
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