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Scott paragonie-scott

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paragonie-scott / pbkdf2-symfony-polyfill.php
Created Oct 11, 2018 — forked from spaze/pbkdf2-symfony-polyfill.php
Symfony's PBKDF2 polyfill benchmark (TL;DR it's slow) for the thread here
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function hashPbkdf2($algorithm, $password, $salt, $iterations, $length = 0)
// Number of blocks needed to create the derived key
$blocks = ceil($length / strlen(hash($algorithm, null, true)));
$digest = '';
$length = strlen(hash($algorithm, '', true));
if (strlen($password) > $length) {
$password = hash($algorithm, $password, true);
paragonie-scott / spotilocal.priv.pem
Created Jan 23, 2017 — forked from venoms/spotilocal.priv.pem private key
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Private-Key: (4096 bit)
paragonie-scott / WhatsAppSaudi.txt
Created Jul 13, 2016
WhatsApp Blocking Encrypted Calls to All Saudi Numbers
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Suppose I have a friend named Alice. Alice has registered to WhatsApp with a
Saudi number but resides in Europe. We chat over WhatsApp regularly. We are both
using the latest version of WhatsApp for Android (2.16.155).
However, Alice is unable to receive or initiate WhatsApp calls, even though she
is in Europe and is using European WiFi. If you can test this, I suggest you do.
Get a Saudi phone number, register to WhatsApp, and then fly to France and make
a call. You will encounter the same result even if you're on French WiFi.
WhatsApp claims that "the Saudis are blocking the initial handshake [for
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function secure_rand(min, max) {
var rval = 0;
var range = max - min;
if (range < 2) {
return min;
var bits_needed = Math.ceil(Math.log2(range));
if (bits_needed > 53) {
throw new Exception("We cannot generate numbers larger than 53 bits.");
paragonie-scott /
Created Feb 19, 2016 — forked from joepie91/
Remove Wired's "ad-blocker veil"


  • February 19, 2016: Initial release.


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