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Emscripten build process for jq
emconfigure ./configure --disable-maintainer-mode
make clean
env CCFLAGS=-O2 emmake make LDFLAGS=-all-static CCFLAGS=-O2 -j4
cp jq jq.o
emcc -O2 jq.o -o jq.js

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passcod commented Mar 11, 2015

passcod@archpire ~/c/c/jq> echo '[1,2,3,4]' | js jq.js '.'
jq.js:3:1031 warning: asm.js type error: 'min' is not a standard Math builtin

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rossillingworth commented Sep 7, 2015

I have been trying to compile jq with emscripten for most of the afternoon without success.
So far, I have needed to build Bison3, and locate a working Oniguruma src tarball.

I can build jq perfectly to the normal cmd, but emscripten continues to fail.
As you seem to have had some success, I was hoping you might share your experiences.

Can you give me a few more details about how you did it?
Do you know which jq version you compiled? (I am using 1.5)
Do you know which emscripten version you used?
I assume you used the tarball?

FYI: I am running on fedora 20, and configure is no longer complaining.

I have followed your instructions to the letter,
but when I try to run the final step, I get...

/home/rillingworth/tools/emsdk_portable/clang/tag-e1.34.7/build_tag-e1.34.7_64/bin/lli: error creating EE: No available targets are compatible with this triple, see -version for the available targets.
FAIL: Running the generated program failed!
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/rillingworth/Projects/asm/emscripten/emcc", line 1571, in
final = shared.Building.emscripten(final, append_ext=False, extra_args=extra_args)
File "/home/rillingworth/Projects/asm/emscripten/tools/", line 1370, in emscripten
assert os.path.exists(filename + '.o.js') and len(open(filename + '.o.js', 'r').read()) > 0, 'Emscripten failed to generate .js: ' + str(compiler_output)
AssertionError: Emscripten failed to generate .js:

Any ideas why it fails to recognise the object file type?

If you have any other suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Thanks in advance


ps: if you are feeling really generous, could you rerun the process and dump the full output here?
That was I can simply walk through it and find out where mine is going wrong


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fiatjaf commented Apr 25, 2017

I tried this. I tried with both the tarball and the git source code. I tried installing Oniguruma and using Oniguruma from modules/oniguruma. I tried precompiling Oniguruma with emscriptem before. I tried moving Oniguruma source code to modules/oniguruma. I tried passing many different directives to emmake make, both the ones specified here and those from jq's readme. All failed.


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fiatjaf commented May 5, 2017

Ok, I finally got it working. For all begginers like me, the above instructions do work, but here's what I did exactly:

  1. download the (the full repository) of oniguruma and jq from GitHub.
  2. unzip oniguruma, enter the directory, run autoreconf -i, emconfigure ./configure and emmake make
  3. unzip jq, enter the directory, run autoreconf -i
  4. move your own oniguruma directory (which is probably called "oniguruma-master") to "jq-master/modules/oniguruma" (delete the blank directory that comes inside "jq-master/modules/")
  5. run the instructions above with absolute strictness


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