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Evolving list of Real Estate APIs by Category

Big List of Real Estate APIs

Listings / Property Data

####Rets Rabbit

Rets Rabbit removes the nightmare of importing thousands of real estate listings and photos from RETS or ListHub and gives you an easy to use import and Web API server so you can focus on building your listing search powered website or app.

####Onboard Informatics : Property API

The Property API provides easy access to over 150 million property records from local public records data. This data may be used for building mobile applications, web applications, SEO landing pages, and many other experiences that can help drive revenue for your business.

In addition to property details, the API also provides access to recent home sales, individual property sales history, recent home valuations as well as tax assessment and liabilities information. Using our API makes every property, whether on or off-market, an opportunity to draw consumers in.

The Retsly platform is middleware that helps you access multiple MLS listing datasets and real estate public records. The data is all delivered in a normalized way through an elegant and familiar RESTful API. Retsly also facilitates managing the necessary data licenses for you and data providers with a standardized approval process. At Retsly we're hoping to spur innovation in real estate, by helping developers build the tools for realtors, brokerages, MLSs and consumers that will revolutionize the industry!


SimplyRETS is a platform for developers and agents to build real estate applications and websites with the listing and market data from your MLS.

####Zillow : Property Data Property-level data, including historical sales price and year, taxes, beds/baths, etc.

API calls of interest:

Home Valuations

####Zillow: Home Valuations

Search results list, Zestimate®, Rent Zestimate®, home valuations, home valuation charts, comparable houses, and market trend charts.

API calls of interest:

Neighborhood & Community Data

####Zillow Neighborhood Data

Neighborhood and city affordability statistics: Zillow Home Value Index, Zestimate distribution, median single family home and condo values, average tax rates, and percentage of flips.

Demographic data at the city and neighborhood level

Lists of counties, cities, ZIP codes, and neighborhoods, as well as latitude and longitude data for these areas so you can put them on a map.

####Zillow Neighborhood Boundaries

####Onboard Informatics : Onboard Area API

People commonly define themselves by the places in which they live and work, ranging from a region, state or local neighborhood. The Onboard Area API returns boundary data for many levels of geography, including counties, places, neighborhoods and more. You can use these boundaries to give your users more context and to aggregate data to visualize on a map.

####Onboard Informatics : Points of Interest API

The Onboard Points of Interest (POI) API allows a developer to access Points of Interest that represent 15 categories and over 120 lines of business. Points of interest can let your end users know what it’s like to live in a certain area. By knowing where the local grocery store, gym, or bank is located in proximity to their new home, they’ll get a better sense of the community.

####Onboard Informatics : Onboard Community API

The Onboard Community API provides access to a rich set of local information including; population, education, ancestry, crime, commute times and weather. Websites utilizing this data gain a competitive edge by helping their users understand the nuances of the area.

Mortgage Rates

###Zillow : Mortgage Rates Current mortgage rates from Zillow Mortgage Marketplace broken down by state and loan type (30 year fixed, 15 year fixed, 5/1 ARM).

API calls of interest

Mortgage Calculators

####Zillow : Mortgage Calculators

A full suite of mortgage and real estate calculators so you can add a full calculator section on your website.

API calls of interest


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commented Aug 8, 2017

Thanks for the list! I'm looking for an API specifically for rental properties, ideally not needing MLS approval. I'm having trouble finding something, have you come across anything like that? Thanks!


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commented Aug 21, 2017

Thanks for this!! Trying to find APIs for some asian real estate data. Have you ever seen any of those available?


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commented Oct 21, 2017

Thanks for this list. Hope you don't mind - I've incorporated some item in an open editable list of awesome real estate resources:


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commented Nov 27, 2017

RetRabbit has bugs on getting an access_token


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commented Jan 25, 2018

Does the MLS database maintain the seller's email address, and would any of these APIs have access to it?


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commented May 1, 2018

@rossiter10 did you ever find an API specifically for rental properties?


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commented Jun 20, 2018

Hey @patpohler!

Check out our brand new real estate API.

I'm curious about how can we be featured in the list? :)




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commented Jul 16, 2018

Thank you so much! This really helps a lot!


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commented Sep 4, 2018

Home Junction ( offers an excellent and extensive API that covers pretty much everything - MLS listings, neighborhoods, home values, sales and statistics, demographics, schools and attendance areas, public record data and more.

Check out the API Documentation:


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commented Oct 9, 2018

SmartZip Analytics ( provides property attributes and other derived data points/analytics for enterprise customers of enterprise & lending verticals. Check out their website for more details. Data's available in bulk or via API.


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commented Dec 10, 2018

We offer an API for real estate listings, solds, agent / office roster, lead routing, CRM, email marketing and more at


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commented Apr 5, 2019 - Using an advanced algorithm we identify comparable properties and provide an estimated rent for any property in the US within seconds. The API returns up to 10 comparable properties including rent, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and location data - with new features being added all the time! Try it out for free at and get your API Key at


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commented Apr 6, 2019

Best API thus far for RETS feed data: Best thing - it's free!

Also - a slight nag - SimplyRETS ( is running off RESO v1.5, which is outdated by 2 years, and they shuffle around fields and aggregate them poorly - I would strongly recommend not using them as your data provider.


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commented May 11, 2019

Hi all, I am looking for an API that gives me the price of a property on sale together with relative images. I have tried the Adzuna API but that returns only one small image not visible at all.


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commented Jul 30, 2019

Is there an API for property owner lookup that returns email/phone #? Pipl has one but its WAY too expensive (0.40 per successful match)

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