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Evolving list of Real Estate APIs by Category

Big List of Real Estate APIs

Listings / Property Data

####Rets Rabbit

Rets Rabbit removes the nightmare of importing thousands of real estate listings and photos from RETS or ListHub and gives you an easy to use import and Web API server so you can focus on building your listing search powered website or app.

####Onboard Informatics : Property API

The Property API provides easy access to over 150 million property records from local public records data. This data may be used for building mobile applications, web applications, SEO landing pages, and many other experiences that can help drive revenue for your business.

In addition to property details, the API also provides access to recent home sales, individual property sales history, recent home valuations as well as tax assessment and liabilities information. Using our API makes every property, whether on or off-market, an opportunity to draw consumers in.

The Retsly platform is middleware that helps you access multiple MLS listing datasets and real estate public records. The data is all delivered in a normalized way through an elegant and familiar RESTful API. Retsly also facilitates managing the necessary data licenses for you and data providers with a standardized approval process. At Retsly we're hoping to spur innovation in real estate, by helping developers build the tools for realtors, brokerages, MLSs and consumers that will revolutionize the industry!


SimplyRETS is a platform for developers and agents to build real estate applications and websites with the listing and market data from your MLS.

####Zillow : Property Data Property-level data, including historical sales price and year, taxes, beds/baths, etc.

API calls of interest:

Home Valuations

####Zillow: Home Valuations

Search results list, Zestimate®, Rent Zestimate®, home valuations, home valuation charts, comparable houses, and market trend charts.

API calls of interest:

Neighborhood & Community Data

####Zillow Neighborhood Data

Neighborhood and city affordability statistics: Zillow Home Value Index, Zestimate distribution, median single family home and condo values, average tax rates, and percentage of flips.

Demographic data at the city and neighborhood level

Lists of counties, cities, ZIP codes, and neighborhoods, as well as latitude and longitude data for these areas so you can put them on a map.

####Zillow Neighborhood Boundaries

####Onboard Informatics : Onboard Area API

People commonly define themselves by the places in which they live and work, ranging from a region, state or local neighborhood. The Onboard Area API returns boundary data for many levels of geography, including counties, places, neighborhoods and more. You can use these boundaries to give your users more context and to aggregate data to visualize on a map.

####Onboard Informatics : Points of Interest API

The Onboard Points of Interest (POI) API allows a developer to access Points of Interest that represent 15 categories and over 120 lines of business. Points of interest can let your end users know what it’s like to live in a certain area. By knowing where the local grocery store, gym, or bank is located in proximity to their new home, they’ll get a better sense of the community.

####Onboard Informatics : Onboard Community API

The Onboard Community API provides access to a rich set of local information including; population, education, ancestry, crime, commute times and weather. Websites utilizing this data gain a competitive edge by helping their users understand the nuances of the area.

Mortgage Rates

###Zillow : Mortgage Rates Current mortgage rates from Zillow Mortgage Marketplace broken down by state and loan type (30 year fixed, 15 year fixed, 5/1 ARM).

API calls of interest

Mortgage Calculators

####Zillow : Mortgage Calculators

A full suite of mortgage and real estate calculators so you can add a full calculator section on your website.

API calls of interest

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@keithslater. Concur. However, I think Bridge is now enforcing API calls. So, you'd get 1000 calls to the Property Details API and then you'd be throttled for the day. 1000 calls to Zestimate etc.

I think their intention is to price tier above that. $ per month for 10,000 calls. $$ months for 50,000 calls.... etc.

I have a bridge account and have emailed them inquiring about it. I will let you know. @keithslater, just curious if you found any other sources for property details data other than web scrapes?

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RylanSchaeffer commented Aug 10, 2021

@bakedwafer and @keithslater , what was your use case that Bridge approved?

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bakedwafer commented Aug 12, 2021


I just received confirmation. The limit for Bridge is 1,000 calls/day per data set. Confirmed by Bridge. I don't actually see how it could be useful for anything in production if this is the case.

@ryanschaeffer - My use case is for a public, non-paying site, which will allow users to access the data. You cannot charge for it and the data cannot be used in any derivative calculations etc.

However, I probably won't use it, even though I am approved, because of the 1,000 / call limitation. That makes it essentially useless.


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Does anyone know any API's to advertise rental property availability to multiple sites?

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yanakll commented Jun 17, 2022

Thank you! This list really is a very useful real estate listings API. I agree that API help serves as the software mediator enabling two applications to contact each other.

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Access to recent home sales, individual property sales history, recent home valuations, tax assessment, and liabilities information, in my opinion, will make web development much easier. As for me, I prefer That is why I recommend to refer to this web developer. According to what I've heard, this team is successfully implementing this API.

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ericandrewmeadows commented Dec 28, 2022 via email

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Whats a good pay as you go Real estate api, or something cost effective for a small business crm? not mass prodution??

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If I understand your question then the answer likely is that it is not worth much if that is all you know. It depends on what else you know and this is not the best place to ask about that.

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Thanks for this list Sir! It is the really important to choose some relible API covering all of your project needs. Btw, read my article about api and other moments important for e-commerce app development. Thanks, See ya!

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tait26 commented Mar 17, 2023

For MLS listings, you can check out MLS Router. It's an API for listings across the U.S. and Canada with demographics, neighborhood, and market data.

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Trying to implement a listing api with retrofit2 written in android studios-kotlin. Can anyone share their code on how they did their call.

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Hey y'all, I'm a software engineer and founder of Particle Space which is all about APIs for Real Estate and giving free, open-sourced code for the community. Would love it if you'd checkout Particle Space on Github - we have open sources listing sites like and data map platform.s They also have public documentation and a the developer accounts are free at :point_left: you get 200 requests a month for free and can access all the services.

👨‍💻 public docs 👉

👇 built with their APIs 🔥

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Whats a good pay as you go Real estate api, or something cost effective for a small business crm? not mass prodution??

Particle Space

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Whats a good pay as you go Real estate api, or something cost effective for a small business crm? not mass prodution??

Particle Space

@davidbiga - Check out We have a bunch of CRM's that use our APIs to pull in property data

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AntonAI commented Jun 30, 2023

I can suggest adding our RentCast property and rental data API to your list:

We offer nationwide property data, owner details, home value and rent estimates, comps, active listings, and market trends with extremely competitive pricing, and a wide range of supported use cases.

You can view our public API docs and get started right here:

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Thanks! It is the really important to choose a reliable API covering all of your project needs. Btw, read my article about api and other moments important forWooCommerce Development Services Thanks, See you!

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hi, thanks for sharing this informative post on Real Estate APIs. Keep Posting these types of posts. By the way, we also serve as a software development company. Check here.

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KwanKwan22 commented Aug 7, 2023

Does anyone know any website that could provide a comprehensive of the rent rate all over the world? With lat, long as input would be great!

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Mortgage Rates API links produce error.

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If somebody figure how to get comparables, using this API please let me know.

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In the dynamic world of real estate, technology plays a pivotal role in connecting buyers, sellers, and agents. Bidhom, a comprehensive real estate platform, empowers your business with a suite of robust features and seamless API integrations. Bidhom's property value estimator bot, powered by AI, provides real-time property value estimates, empowering buyers and sellers to make informed decisions.

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Hello, any Esri GIS experts out there that can suggest a method to wire-up an MLS feed as a GIS feature service (REST)? I'd just like to be able to overlay the current MLS listings on the rest of my map data, for comparison. Is there any open data source for this kind of thing?

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I utilized a real estate listings API three months ago, but now I am in need of a reliable API for my book writing services project. Can you please suggest a reliable option for seamless integration into my writing workflow? Thanks!

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Real estate industry is so corrupt. And the government allows it to happen. Peoples biggest purchasein life is typically a home and they allow brokers to make 6%

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Jfafa commented Mar 17, 2024

Thanks for this list. But I prefer using KittenProperties property search in Malaga if I need a real estate data in Spain, France or US.

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I am currently attempting to find any API's related to foreclosure's can anyone help point me in the right direction for this information?

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