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Last active January 20, 2023 21:25
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Generate Lighthouse script from Recorder panel
* To use:
* Export a Recording panel recording as JSON. Run this:
* node generate-pptr-lh-script-from-json.mjs yourjson.json
* It'll save a `yourjson.json.pptr.js`
* That script is dependent on:
* lighthouse@9.5.0-dev.20221024
* puppeteer@19.4.1
* Run that script. It'll save a ``. View that.
* It's one of these:
import fs from 'node:fs';
import {stringify, LighthouseStringifyExtension} from '@puppeteer/replay';
const filename = process.argv[2];
const flow = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync(filename, 'utf-8'));
const scriptContents = await stringify(flow, {
extension: new LighthouseStringifyExtension(),
fs.writeFileSync(`${filename}.pptr.cjs`, scriptContents, 'utf-8');
console.log('Puppeteer+Lighthouse script written to: ', `${filename}.pptr.cjs`);
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And sneak peek.. but soon, there will be a new option in the Recorder panel which will replace this gist and directly provide you the yourrecording.pptr.js script:

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