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Last active Aug 31, 2016

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Family 51% immediate attrack problem.
Trumpilly Buff
-Sounds like Pill
Hillary Trimp
+Sounds like she came from his magina.
+-And FTR Pill sounds like Bill, so a plus/positive legit for her. She had to survive his sh*t. Very much like a Pill hintin?
-But then again negative, Pill sounds riff of Hill so I remove* that from my mainstream accounts. Too turbulent.
XAI - Darpa
EAI - Dearpa~ Dearma?)
*And by remove I generally mean re move. like put here for later. obv(ious) maybe, but biteracy is realer than i can say.
Illiteracy sounds ill so I say bit. #Adwardvocacy°~
°like Psych Ward, but "Hope on a Tightrope"-feeling. yeek. rite? Backword v^ backward is a rough drill, cause it instantly presupposes intent to be psycho or logy? Err, psycho or wordy.. ykn..
Okay, enough code for tonight. Had to do a status check, miss my facebook friends. Basic logy needs.
Buffering (&) had a few frets.
:/°Energy... I will lend an ear to that site only if they keep their protocol allowing longer than the Reddit-standard 6-months. 1 account felt safe, bc usually I have to split for name-calling reasons. Now the blockchain-of-command means at least you need somenamed Medical Doctors of course is what the M.D. means thear.∫: I like somename plural has med in it etc, you know me, always love a blunted regex noise. Like spelling POC to a black psychotherapist and them not knowing what it means and assuming it's about a white PC. I wish coming to terms with MED as a SQL variable was LESS, but standards can be stardeds for amotion/emotion wark/work .
Informal profile has become more important now that FB has taken so long to give (for example) a real name field under their perfect verbal nic form-fit. has my ~~social-emotional-informational~~ security ~canary (sq?).
~~Zuck says it's okay for their employees to call them that, but they don't list on top their About Me page. A shumantic-shame, logologically-profound? Analysis shrinks from psychology. Or, psychology shrinks from analysis, but you choose your word order there.~~
(SQL'ling is un/fortunately becoming my prime job. Gramsql. Uck. Psy Z please. If only that exists. Only human to wish you had a psychologist instead of a programmer reading your -logy.) Meda+meta- greaks. Acting my age for a sec to beat the $bot regex Emotion Work.
On that note tying revisions reminds me of equally qualifying/quantifying the TLD with a TL;Dr friendly story for being misnamed (whence my old state change ~~psycholo~~regist). I trust their story of having to say Biz/Boz a zillion times. Zuck our life rite? Newayt? Anywayt. Anyway, anywait. We be jammed for saying we have a number-letter-# thanks to your fam or what ever, what gives rite?
Anywho, I always write personal stuff to myself very fluid layout style. Looks like a CSS I know but please know that's why I miss going to the Mountain in Montreal where you can sit still, versus Lexington in Baltimore where you're forced to stand still.
Keying Talk:Selfie (song) hits a note for how I feel right now. Reading names on my Room List screen is like talking to a stranger with noname. I didn't/ain't (aint sounds like pain°t?) even watch more than a few minutes of Selfie_(TV_series) bc busy/areyouserious, but that song is seriouser for me. Just that. Too much plant matter watching the whole drive of that show. I like pure nickotine if I'm working through personal issues. I didn't register, but I did register empathy.party_(Unlinked) for that name hang reason. I have a lot of life experience having to use another's name to get passed for credit cards for family business.

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payingattention commented Aug 29, 2016


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