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(Waiting patiently for4ticket #

// /∫ ∫∫ ∫prosodyVvVereableContext( (( [[ [( ( payingattention

(Waiting patiently for4ticket #
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Last active September 3, 2021 21:07
Profile Conceptions for prosody Vereable Context / Gabriel Gaston Croft / /
payingattention / #WiseGov? record_evidence:#WiseGov?.speech
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Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
Hi! It's Amazon's messaging assistant again.
So, what can I help you with?
6:05 AM
An item I ordered
6:05 AM
payingattention / ``Depth of Perception``.txt
Last active February 11, 2019 05:20
``Depth of Perception``
(air quote)) Depth of Perception(( originally written from 2011.07.09, is my first Google+ post ever (, link attached), is (or, was) immediately given by the superadmin the public hexspeak URL “W 7 6 u L a d y y 9 w”. /
(Oh and [,] is the manual "cross-post" [means "repost"] from the same time as the original G+ post, however while G+ gives alphanumeric hexspeak URL's Twitter only gives numbers not letters obviously. Ohh and before somestranger tells me Twitter's version came before Google+'s version, because G+ is "not talking"/"not loading"/"not workin
payingattention / ComcastInject.html
Created November 25, 2018 05:28 — forked from ryankearney/ComcastInject.html
This is the code Comcast is injecting into its users web traffic.
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
// Comcast Cable Communications, LLC Proprietary. Copyright 2012.
// Intended use is to display browser notifications for critical and time sensitive alerts.
var SYS_URL='/e8f6b078-0f35-11de-85c5-efc5ef23aa1f/aupm/';
// var image_url='';
var image_url='';
var headertext1='<strong>Comcast Courtesy Notice</strong>';
var textline1='You have reached 90% of your <b>monthly data usage allowance</b>.';
var textline2='Please sign in for more information and to remove this alert.';
var acknowledgebutton='<a href=\"#\" onClick="document.location.href=\''+SYS_URL+'?dispatch=redirect&redirectName=login&paramName=bmUid\'" title="Sign in to acknowledge" style="color: #FFFFFF;"><img alt="Sign in to acknowledge" src="'+image_url+'/mt_signin.png"/></a>';
# whyrusleeping (
[2015-06-25 14:08:30] <whyrusleeping> So, we try to make the public channel 'clean' from talking about 'illegal' content on ipfs
[2015-06-25 14:08:49] <whyrusleeping> but technically, you can have whatever content you like on your nodes
[2015-06-25 14:16:46] → whyrusleeping joined (~whyruslee@
[2015-06-25 17:42:11] <prosodyContext> oh i just saw pm. ty. yes, i dont do much ill beyond weed <3 but i do talk about whatevers.
[2015-06-25 17:45:29] <prosodyContext> generally had to repress and remorse crypto around that legalese (i learned about libel at early age due to family divorce war) so i just use safe key words.
[2015-06-25 17:46:01] <whyrusleeping> haha
Working backwards from today then back for "Facebook" and "Twitter" style reading where we only talk about that last or first line because the book is too much.
Any suggestions of a Ph.D?
payingattention /
Last active September 11, 2018 23:43
Security Key for requires public verification.
### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am payingattention on github.
* I am memorization ( on keybase.
* I have a public key whose fingerprint is 23F2 03BE 179D 3054 9B3C CF89 AF6A F2BC 8479 0250
To claim this, I am signing this object:
# Source Body Order: Ear, Eye, Nose
Source Body Order: Eye, Ear, Nose << Works if you want to skip writing words from the ear in order.
# I will keep trying to get the ear.function ( to
# work, GCC ( keeps getting stuck at an asterick.
# Bug Reports
# Some people report the Unit Test library (*only* compile from directly)
# reports {`reactLaugh` | `reactCry`} and that should be manually changed to `reactSerious`
payingattention / Graphic Specified Language.c
Last active August 22, 2017 14:40
* Hit
Ref: "-Graphic Specified Language.(°.c+"
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