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``Depth of Perception``
(air quote)) Depth of Perception(( originally written from 2011.07.09, is my first Google+ post ever (, link attached), is (or, was) immediately given by the superadmin the public hexspeak URL “W 7 6 u L a d y y 9 w”. /
(Oh and [,] is the manual "cross-post" [means "repost"] from the same time as the original G+ post, however while G+ gives alphanumeric hexspeak URL's Twitter only gives numbers not letters obviously. Ohh and before somestranger tells me Twitter's version came before Google+'s version, because G+ is "not talking"/"not loading"/"not working" even though that is because of a Googler shutting mouths, evidently.)
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payingattention commented Feb 6, 2019

Ok, dear.

Dear, ok...

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