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Created September 7, 2022 14:06
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Tree view C# - Windows apps | Microsoft Docs

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The tree view control enables a hierarchical list with expanding and collapsing nodes that contain nested items. It can be used to illustrate a folder structure or nested relationships in your UI.

The tree view uses a combination of indentation and icons to represent the nested relationship between parent nodes and child nodes. Collapsed nodes use a chevron pointing to the right, and expanded nodes use a chevron pointing down.

The chevron icon in TreeView

You can include an icon in the tree view item data template to represent nodes. For example, if you show a file system hierarchy, you could use folder icons for the parent notes and file icons for the leaf nodes.

The chevron and folder icons together in a TreeView

The TreeView APIs support the following features:

  • N-level nesting
  • Selection of single or multiple nodes
  • Data binding to the ItemsSource property on TreeView and TreeViewItem
  • TreeViewItem as the root of the TreeView item template
  • Arbitrary types of content in a TreeViewItem
  • Drag and drop between tree views
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