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Luke perky

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perky / anytype_antics.zig
Created April 29, 2023 19:34
Exploring different ways of using "anytype" in Zig for both static and runtime dispatch.
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//! ==============
//! Anytype Antics.
//! ==============
const std = @import("std");
const debug = std.debug;
const builtin = std.builtin;
const trait = std.meta.trait;
fn print(string: []const u8) void { debug.print("{s}\n", .{string}); }
const DONT_COMPILE = false;
perky / mario_state_machine.zig
Last active April 23, 2023 21:38
Mario State Machine. Showcases the usefulness of switches and tagged unions in Zig.
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//! ======
//! file: mario_state_machine.zig
//! This is an example of a Mario/Powerup state machine.
//! It showcases the usefulness of switches and tagged unions in Zig.
//! See state machine diagram:
//! ======
/// This is a tagged union.
/// See tagged union doc:
perky / BindComponentAttribute.cs
Created April 16, 2019 12:31
A little script for Unity that helps binding references to other components in the scene.
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using UnityEngine;
using System.Linq;
using System;
using System.Reflection;
public class BindComponent : PropertyAttribute
public enum FindMode
InSelf, // Find the component on the calling GameObject.
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using UnityEngine;
using Bolt;
public class LobbyMenu : GlobalEventListener
[SerializeField] string _gameplayScene;
[SerializeField] ushort _port = 27000;
[SerializeField] ushort _broadcastPort = 27001;
bool _bClientLANInit;
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Useful Unreal Engine Stuff


command description
FREEZERENDERING This commands freezes the culling state and lets you fly around to see what is actually being rendered.
stat initviews stats relevant to culling.


perky / BTF Winner
Created September 1, 2014 17:05
Beat the Frog Emails.
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Hi <%= @user.stage_name %>,
Congratulations, you beat the frog on <%= @event_date %> at Frog and Bucket <%= @event_city %>. So what's next? You can now book a couple of 8 minute spots, that's 8 uninterrupted minutes on stage at the start of the show. To book simply login to the Beat The Frog website and you'll see a new button appear to book an 8 spot. <%= link_to "Book now", root_url %>.
<a href="<%= @event_url %>">Link to event.</a>
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import oscP5.*;
class Preset
public void activate(PImage src, PImage dst) {}
Capture video;
//Movie video;
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RewriteRule ^lukeperkin$ lukeperkin.html
perky / MindCrack pack + MineChem
Last active December 10, 2015 10:09
OreDictionary Names: Direworlf20 pack + MineChem
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perky / gist:4413516
Last active March 16, 2019 22:18
Caused by: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException at java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.remove(Unknown Source) Line 9: potionKey.remove();
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private void cureAllPotions(World world, EntityPlayer entityPlayer) {
List<PotionEffect> activePotions = new ArrayList(entityPlayer.getActivePotionEffects());
for(PotionEffect potionEffect : activePotions) {