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Using ref functions with reagent
;; React supports "refs" as a way for a component to get a
;; handle to its children. Classically, refs were string-based.
;; Recent versions of React support callback attributes as a
;; more elegant variant of accessing DOM notes or components.
;; This example uses a Form-3 component as per
;; For callback refs, see React's documentation
(defn my-component []
(let [!ref (atom nil)]
{:display-name "feed-ui"
(fn []
(some-> @!ref .focus))
(fn []
[list-view {:ref (fn [com] (reset! !ref com))
;; more attributes..
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Awesome! Worked great for getting access to methods for react native components such as the clear function for TextInput!

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Thank you!

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euporos commented Aug 29, 2020

This is pure gold! Showed me how to use the .slickGoTo Method on the React-Slick carousel whenever my state changed accordingly. Cheers!

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Awesome! thanks! it helped me.

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