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Working from home

Peter Kehl peter-kehl

Working from home
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Presentation on Const Generics as of 1.50.0 stable and 1.52.0-nightly


  • Beware no, or misleading, documentation
  • Syntax may seem arbitrary:
    • Need ::< turbofish at some places, ordinary < elsewhere.
    • Need {...} curly brackets around some const generic parameter values, not around others.
    • Some error messages feel like going in circles.
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Last active Dec 4, 2018 — forked from john2x/
Clojure Destructuring Tutorial and Cheat Sheet

Clojure Destructuring Tutorial and Cheat Sheet

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Simply put, destructuring in Clojure is a way extract values from a datastructure and bind them to symbols, without having to explicitly traverse the datstructure. It allows for elegant and concise Clojure code.

Vectors and Sequences

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##sendAndLabel(recipient, subject, body, options, label)##

An alternative to GmailApp.sendEmail(), which applies a label to the message thread in the sender's account.

Sends an email message with optional arguments. The email can contain plain text or an HTML body. The size of the email