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Last active July 7, 2023 21:25
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Rust Const Generics

Presentation on Const Generics as of 1.50.0 stable and 1.52.0-nightly


  • Beware no, or misleading, documentation
  • Syntax may seem arbitrary:
    • Need ::< turbofish at some places, ordinary < elsewhere.
    • Need {...} curly brackets around some const generic parameter values, not around others.
    • Some error messages feel like going in circles.


  • If your constant generic parameters are not integer/char/boolean, don't downgrade your domain.
    • Use #![feature(const_generics)] to allow structs and enums as const generic parameters.
    • Such struct/enums need #[derive(PartialEq, Eq)] (or their implementation).
    • Trust nightly.
  • Even though the purpose of (const) generics is to reuse code, the actual const generics code is repetitious. You'll have to repeat where clause in any impl that involves a type with const generic parameter, if the const generic parameter affects size of any field(s).
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