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Loyalty and Layoffs by David Brady
Original text here:
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good sht. this is a tough nut to crack if at all crackable. I've been fired and laid off from jobs and am now building my A-team for my own startup. I hope to change the game as much as I can.

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You would greatly enjoy Felix Dennis's How to Get Rich - he has a considerable chunk devoted to precisely what you've said here.

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Nice spam there @christiangenco.

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👍 for Felix Dennis. s/Salary/Slavery/g

Think for yourself and lookout for #1. If you can learn the business side (politics and economics), you'll be less likely to be a slave and more of an owner.

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ymg commented Aug 20, 2013

if we had lets say half a billion people on this planet thinking like you, things would be much simpler and easier to deal with. awesome post.

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Fuxy22 commented Aug 20, 2013

Interesting view point I never considered being loyal to the company. I'm loyal to the people in the company and I'm never shy of arguing with management if I don't agree with their decision. Their game is making profit at any cost my game is looking out for the best interests my team.

That's probably why i don't work with very large companies they don't understand that this conflict keeps the company healthy.

The company should be making a profit in order to improve the lives of the people in the company from management to the cleaner not to make the share holders richer although that could be a nice side effect.

Idealist I know but that's how I work If you don't like it don't hire me.

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