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Resuming OSS work

Phil Hansch phansch

Resuming OSS work
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diff --git a/tests/ui/auxiliary/ b/tests/ui/auxiliary/
index 486e419b..2d8d571d 100644
--- a/tests/ui/auxiliary/
+++ b/tests/ui/auxiliary/
@@ -7,3 +7,9 @@ macro_rules! foofoo {
loop {}
+macro_rules! must_use_unit {
phansch / Dockerfile
Last active October 28, 2018 12:02
Trying to reproduce a 32bit Clippy crash
FROM i386/buildpack-deps:stretch
# The rustup installation code is taken from
ENV RUSTUP_HOME=/usr/local/rustup \
CARGO_HOME=/usr/local/cargo \
PATH=/usr/local/cargo/bin:$PATH \
RUN set -eux; \
phansch / app.js
Last active June 2, 2020 19:26
vue-tables-2 pagination on top and bottom
import {Event, ServerTable} from 'vue-tables-2';
import Vue from 'vue/dist/vue.esm';
var template = require('template.js')('server');
Vue.use(ServerTable, options, false, template);
phansch / stuck.rb
Created November 27, 2017 11:05
Debugging stuck Ruby processes
# Use this to get the stacktrace of any ruby process by calling kill -USR1 <pid>
# For rspec, put this in the spec_helper.rb, for rails in some initializer.
puts "ruby process pid: #{}"
trap 'USR1' do
threads = Thread.list
puts "=" * 80
puts "Received USR1 signal; printing all #{threads.count} thread backtraces."

Things to check at work:

  • Is the rubocop.yml actually in the installed gem? It may be, that it hasn't been included in the install version.
  • Is there a ~/.rubocop.yml with the same content?
  • Is Rubocop up-to-date?



Version info
qutebrowser v0.10.1
Git commit:
Backend: QtWebEngine
CPython: 3.5.2
Qt: 5.8.0
PyQt: 5.8.2
phansch / screenshot_upload_to_s3.rb
Created May 17, 2017 15:27
Upload the latest screenshot to s3 and copy the URL to the clipboard using xclip
bucket_name = 's3_bucket_name'
region = 's3_region'
images_dir = "#{Dir.home}/Pictures/screenshots/*"
newest_file = Dir.glob(images_dir).max_by { |f| File.mtime(f) }
filename = File.basename(newest_file)
cmd = "aws s3 cp #{newest_file} s3://#{bucket_name}/#{filename} --region #{region} --acl public-read"
phansch /
Last active March 1, 2024 18:17 — forked from chetan/
Improved YARD cheatsheet
phansch / .pryrc
Last active August 21, 2018 11:30
Colored Pry prompt including Rails environment and app name
def formatted_env
case Rails.env
when 'production'
bold_upcased_env = Pry::Helpers::Text.bold(Rails.env.upcase)
when 'staging'
when 'development'
# Run with `ruby association_testcase.rb`
require "bundler/inline"
rescue LoadError => e
$stderr.puts "Bundler version 1.10 or later is required. Please update your Bundler"
raise e
gemfile(true) do
source ""