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Upload the latest screenshot to s3 and copy the URL to the clipboard using xclip
bucket_name = 's3_bucket_name'
region = 's3_region'
images_dir = "#{Dir.home}/Pictures/screenshots/*"
newest_file = Dir.glob(images_dir).max_by { |f| File.mtime(f) }
filename = File.basename(newest_file)
cmd = "aws s3 cp #{newest_file} s3://#{bucket_name}/#{filename} --region #{region} --acl public-read"
s3_url = "https://#{bucket_name}{filename}"
IO.popen('xclip', 'w') do |io|
puts `#{cmd}`
puts 'File uploaded to S3 and link copied to clipboard:'
puts s3_url

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@phansch phansch commented May 17, 2017

This could probably use some error handling or xclip/xsel/pbcopy detection, but it works for me right now :shipit:

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