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import cdpyr
from sample import robots
import timeit
def main():
# sample robot to use
r = robots.ipanema_cuboid()
# a sample pose to use
pose = cdpyr.motion.Pose()
# our kinematics solver using the pulley-based kinematics
kinsolver = cdpyr.algorithms.kinematics.KinematicsSolver.STANDARD
structmatsolver = cdpyr.algorithms.structurematrix.StructureMatrixSolver
# and solve it
cable_length, cable_direction, unit_direction = kinsolver.backward(robot=r, pose=pose)
# timeit.timeit(
# 'kinsolver.backward(robot=r, pose=pose)',
# globals={
# 'r': r,
# 'pose': pose,
# 'kinsolver': kinsolver
# }
# )
if __name__ == "__main__":

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@philipptempel philipptempel commented Sep 23, 2019

Create directory sandbox and place this content into file
Then just run it.

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