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JavaScript inheritance (prototype, __proto__, constructor) in ES2015/ES6 and ES5
class Animal {
animalProp() {}
// ES2015/ES6
class Cat extends Animal {
catProp() {}
const myCat = new Cat()
// ES5
function OldCat() {}
OldCat.prototype = Object.create(Animal.prototype)
OldCat.prototype.constructor = OldCat
const myOldCat = new OldCat()
// Gotchas (all the code examples evaluate to true)
// 1. An ES2015/ES6 `class` like Cat/Animal is a constructor function, not an object.
typeof Animal === 'function'
typeof Cat === 'function'
// 2. `__proto__` is the way up the prototype chain. It is used for lookups. It exists on all objects.
Cat.__proto__ === Animal
Cat.prototype.__proto__ === Animal.prototype
// 3. There are 2 inheritance chains: one for constructors, and one for prototypes. Navigation between them is possible:
// __proto__ always points up the chain, `prototype` points from the constructor chain to the prototype chain, and
// `constructor` points from the prototype chain to the constructor chain:
// Constructor Prototype
// =========== =========
// Object.prototype
// Function.prototype
// Animal --> .prototype Animal.prototype
// <-- .constructor
// Cat --> .prototype Cat.prototype
// <-- .constructor
// myCat
// 4. `prototype` will be used by the constructor function as the prototype of the newly created object. It is the
// blueprint for objects that will be created from the constructor. Since all functions can be used as constructor
// functions, the prototype property exists on all functions (and also on classes, since they are syntactic sugar for
// constructor functions).
Cat.prototype === myCat.__proto__
(function () {}).hasOwnProperty('prototype') === true
// 5. `constructor` exists on every prototype, and refers back to the constructor of that prototype. Like any other property, the `constructor` property can be accessed from any child object, and points to the constructor function of its prototype.
myCat.hasOwnProperty('constructor') === false
myCat.__proto__.hasOwnProperty('constructor') === true
myCat.__proto__.constructor === Cat
myCat.constructor === Cat
// For a map, see:
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