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Last active October 3, 2023 03:38
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Project NyaaTracker

NyaaTracker is an open and free bittorrent tracker for everyone.


Simply add one of the following tracker address to your torrent file and all set:

  • udp://


  • Standard HTTP protocol and port (80)
  • DualStack - Both IPv4 and IPv6 supported
  • Server deployed in Asia, North America and Europe
  • DNS load-balancing

HTTPS currently disabled (but already configured), as most clients require older encryption ciphers, and these old configurations may cause vulnerabilities.


I'm creating this project to accelerate bittorrent clients, for maximum speed, uptime and stability.

Servers located in multiple datacenters, powered by Linode running Opentracker.


  • The tracker can be used free of charge, for everyone in any torrent file.
  • Tracker does not store any torrent file, any content of any torrent.
  • Tracker does not collect user data, except peers. You acknowledge that by using this tracker, your IP address and client UA will be shared between peers.
  • Tracker does not log any connection of any kind, and does not provide information for any specific torrent.
  • Tracker will not block any client or any torrent file. Use at your own risk.
  • The project may shutdown at anytime when necessary. I'm not responsible to present any reason to anyone for any operation to this project.
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guijan commented Dec 30, 2022

Is the client support for https trackers still the same as it was in 2015? It would be great to have this with encryption. Please consider it.

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Seems dead. Both.


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