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Last active Dec 19, 2015

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OMG Rails4!
#! /usr/bin/env ruby
unless File.exists?('Gemfile')
File.write('Gemfile', <<-GEMFILE)
source ''
gem 'computering', github: 'phoet/computering'
system 'bundle'
system 'bundle exec computering rails4.rb'
headline 'OMG Rails4!'
paragraph <<-PARA
* EDGE ist cool!
* Turbolinks sind so schnell!
* PATCH ist mein Lieblings-HTTP-Verb!
* Queue-API FTW!
link 'Rails4 Überblick', ''
headline 'Modularität'
link 'extracted gems', ''
link 'trubo-links gem ist extra', ''
link 'Rails4 Queue-API in 4.1', ''
headline 'Asset Pipeline'
paragraph '* nicht mehr so viel krazy shit'
command "cd ~/Documents/rails/on_ruby && git co 15f0239977 && rm -rf public/assets/ && time rake assets:precompile && ls -la public/assets/ | grep logo"
command "cd ~/Documents/rails/on_ruby && git co master && rm -rf public/assets/ && time rake assets:precompile && ls -la public/assets/ | grep logo"
headline 'Multithreaded'
link 'Tenderlove threadsafe!', ''
headline 'Session-Cookies'
link 'secret_token vs. secret_key_base', ''
headline 'Dependencies'
paragraph <<-PARA
* rails4 branch ist dein freund
# Gemfile
gem "friendly_id", github: "FriendlyId/friendly_id", branch: "rails4"
link 'Ready4Rails4?', ''
headline 'Upgrading'
paragraph <<-PARA
* nur noch >= Ruby 1.9.3
* rake rails:update
* routes, kein 'match' mehr
* strong parameters, kein 'attr_accessible' mehr
* dynamic finders sind deprecated
* scopes -> { contains: :lambda }, nur lambda syntax
* mv vendor/* lib, keine plugins mehr
link 'ASCII-Casts Upgrading to Rails4', ''
link 'Upgrading to Rails4 Guides', ''
link 'Get ready for Rails4', ''
headline 'Zusammenfassung'
link 'Rails4 in 30\'', ''
link 'What\'s new Railscast', ''
link 'Release-Notes', ''
link 'Edge-Guides Release-Notes', ''
headline "THX!"
headline "Questions?"
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