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Last active Dec 30, 2015
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Nexus 5 pros/cons

Nexus 5 usage report (Jan 2014)

I just switched from iPhone 5 to a Nexus 5 32GB for 399€ from the Google Play Store.

I used the Nexus for about a month now and I am pretty impressed.

It's a lot of phone for the price.


  • it does not get in my way
  • nice display
  • good touch interaction
  • i like the responsive vibration feedback
  • the colored diode does a nice job for notifications
  • Google Now is nice, good voice recognition
  • painless integration into Google services
  • Play Store is really nice
  • Chromecast integration works really well
  • most Android apps have closed the gap to iOS
  • deep insight into the running system
  • great chromecast integrations


  • battery life, better start each day with 100% battery... -> it has improved and you can inspect what eats battery
  • it's just too big for my small hands
  • speakers are weak, don't even hear it ring in my pocket
  • mobile data breaks some times and does not recover properly -> has been resolved
  • weaker reception overall, weaker GPS reception than iPhone
  • camera on iPhone is much better
  • Copy/Paste is as bad as on the iPhone
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