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Upload all photos from a directory using command line (openphoto-php -
for i in $(ls /path/to/directory/*.JPG) ; do
./openphoto -h yourhost -e /photo/upload.json -F "photo=@$i" -X POST;
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This is great, but would it be possible to add tags optionally at the same time? So all the uploaded photos are linked with the provided tags?

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jmathai commented Oct 10, 2011

Just add tags as another parameter

./openphoto -h yourhost -e /photo/upload.json -F "photo=@$i" -X POST -F "tags=tag1,tag2";

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jdeproost commented Oct 11, 2011 via email

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tommyla commented Sep 12, 2012

use folders as tags and albums

so if you have a
"Vacation 2012" folder
then it will be album "Vacation 2012" and all pictures inside it has the tags "Vacation,2012"

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I like this

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