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Salvatore Fiandaca pigreco

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array_foreach( array_foreach(
distance(@element, overlay_nearest('roads',$geometry)[0])),
/*shortest line*/
generate_series(1, num_geometries( segments_to_lines($geometry))),
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data nuts2 zona zona_fill
2020-11-09T17:00:00 ITF1
2020-11-10T17:00:00 ITF1 arancione arancione
2020-11-11T17:00:00 ITF1 arancione
2020-11-12T17:00:00 ITF1 arancione
2020-11-20T17:00:00 ITF1 arancione
2020-11-21T17:00:00 ITF1 arancione
2020-11-22T17:00:00 ITF1 rossa rossa
2020-11-23T17:00:00 ITF1 rossa
2020-11-24T17:00:00 ITF1 rossa
pigreco / qgis-utenti-telegram_prov.vrt
Created Mar 21, 2021
Utenti Gruppo Telegram QGIS province
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<SrcDataSource relativeToVRT="0">CSV:/vsicurl/;single=true&amp;output=csv</SrcDataSource>
<Field name="cod_prov" type="Integer" />
<Field name="provincia" type="String" />
<Field name="count provincia" type="Integer" />
pigreco / qgis-utenti-telegram_reg.vrt
Created Mar 21, 2021
Utenti Gruppo Telegram QGIS per regione
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<SrcDataSource relativeToVRT="0">CSV:/vsicurl/;single=true&amp;output=csv</SrcDataSource>
<Field name="cod_reg" type="Integer" />
<Field name="regione" type="String" />
<Field name="count cod_reg" type="Integer" />
<Field name="popolazione" type="Integer" />
<Field name="incidenza1M" type="Real" />
<Field name="NUT2" type="String" />
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pigreco / minimum_distance.txt
Created Mar 19, 2021
here is the expression used in the Default widget
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if (
expression:= $geometry )[0], $geometry) <
expression:= $geometry )[0], $geometry),overlay_nearest(
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<qgis version="3.16.4-Hannover" projectname="">
<homePath path=""/>
<autotransaction active="0"/>
<evaluateDefaultValues active="0"/>
<trust active="0"/>
<wkt>GEOGCRS["WGS 84",DATUM["World Geodetic System 1984",ELLIPSOID["WGS 84",6378137,298.257223563,LENGTHUNIT["metre",1]]],PRIMEM["Greenwich",0,ANGLEUNIT["degree",0.0174532925199433]],CS[ellipsoidal,2],AXIS["geodetic latitude (Lat)",north,ORDER[1],ANGLEUNIT["degree",0.0174532925199433]],AXIS["geodetic longitude (Lon)",east,ORDER[2],ANGLEUNIT["degree",0.0174532925199433]],USAGE[SCOPE["unknown"],AREA["World"],BBOX[-90,-180,90,180]],ID["EPSG",4326]]</wkt>
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View sigla_codice.csv
cod_rip COD_REG ITTER107 NUTS2 area cod_reg_prov cod_reg_prov_t Name den_reg_prov regione
1 1 ITC1 ITC1 PIE 1 01 Piemonte Piemonte Piemonte
1 2 ITC2 ITC2 VDA 2 02 Valle d'Aosta / Vallée d'Aoste Valle d'Aosta Valle d'Aosta
1 3 ITC4 ITC4 LOM 3 03 Lombardia Lombardia Lombardia
2 5 ITD3 ITH3 VEN 5 05 Veneto Veneto Veneto
2 6 ITD4 ITH4 FVG 6 06 Friuli-Venezia Giulia Friuli Venezia Giulia Friuli-Venezia Giulia
1 7 ITC3 ITC3 LIG 7 07 Liguria Liguria Liguria
2 8 ITD5 ITH5 EMR 8 08 Emilia-Romagna Emilia Romagna Emilia-Romagna
3 9 ITE1 ITI1 TOS 9 09 Toscana Toscana Toscana
3 10 ITE2 ITI2 UMB 10 10 Umbria Umbria Umbria
pigreco / puntiSomministrazioni-19.csv
Last active Jan 5, 2021
Punti di somministrazione Vaccino anti-Covid-19 - by
View puntiSomministrazioni-19.csv
We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: It looks like row 10 should actually have 6 columns, instead of 3. in line 9.
“S. Antonio Abate” di Trapani,"Via Cosenza, 82 – Erice – Casa Santa ,TP",38.028068,12.549695,Erice,Trapani
"A.O. per l'Emergenza ""Cannizzaro"" – Catania","Via Messina, 829",37.542032,15.119535,Catania,Catania
"A.O. Universitaria Policlinico di Catania ""S. Marco""","Via C. Azeglio Ciampi, Edificio C, Catania",37.480002,15.037397,Catania,Catania
A.O.O.R. Villa Sofia – Cervello P.O. CTO,Via Antonio Cassarà – 90146 PA,38.155272,13.337027,Palermo,Palermo
A.U.O.P. Palermo,"Via Del Vespro, 129 – 90127 PA",38.102125,13.361030,Palermo,Palermo
AUOP G. MARTINO,Via Consolare Valeria,38.165740,15.537661,Messina,Messina
DEA I LIVELLO RAGUSA (SIMT)\Giovanni Paolo II,"Piazza Igea 1 – RG , C/da Cisternazzi",36.905987,14.679675,Ragusa,Ragusa
IRCCS CENTRO NEUROLESI 2 – BONINO PULEJO – P.O. CASAZZA,"Strada Statale 113, 98123 Messina ME",38.206828,15.519750,Messina,Messina
IRCCS CENTRO NEUROLESI 2 – BONINO PULEJO – P.O. PIEMONTE,"Viale Europa, 45, 98124 Messina ME",38.1819