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* node: tag Encode and friends NODE_EXTERN (Ben Noordhuis)
* fs: fix ReadStream / WriteStream missing callback (Gil Pedersen)
* fs: fix readFileSync("/proc/cpuinfo") regression (Ben Noordhuis)
* installer: don't assume bash is installed (Ben Noordhuis)
* Report errors properly from --eval and stdin (isaacs)
* assert: fix throws() throws an error without message property (koichik)
* cluster: fix libuv assert in net.listen() (Ben Noordhuis)
* build: always link sunos builds with libumem (Trent Mick)
* build: improve armv7 / hard-float detection (Adam Malcontenti-Wilson)
* https: Use host header as effective servername (isaacs)
* sunos: work around OS bug to prevent from spinning (Bryan Cantrill)
* linux: fix 'two watchers, one path' segfault (Ben Noordhuis)
* windows: fix memory leaks in many fs functions (Bert Belder)
* windows: don't allow directories to be opened for writing/appending (Bert Belder)
* windows: make fork() work even when not all stdio handles are valid (Bert Belder)
* windows: make unlink() not remove mount points, and improve performance (Bert Belder)

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commented Aug 2, 2012


  • deps, tools: remove stray reject files (Ben Noordhuis)
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