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Created July 9, 2012 13:36
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Damien Conway's Selfgol
#!/usr/local/bin/perl -sw
if($j){{$^W=$|;*_=sub{$=+s=#([A-z])(.*)#=#$+$1#=g}} #_The_Perl_Journal_#
q<#!/usr/local/bin/perl -sw
if(!$s){>.($_=<>).q<}else{@s=(q[printf+pop@s,@s],q[#!/usr/local/bin/perl -sw
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yozlet commented Oct 19, 2020

About SelfGOL

SelfGOL was Damian Conway's intended entry to the Obfuscated Perl Contest. It can print its own source code (self-replicate), rewrite other Perl programs so they can print their own source code (and still perform their original functions), detect un-rewritable Perl programs, play John Conway's Game of Life using its own source code or a specified file as a pattern for the board with a board of arbitrary size, or animate a rotating banner of an arbitrary short amount of text. SelfGOL's source is under 1000 bytes of standard Perl, does not import any modules, and doesn't use a single if, unless, while, until, for, foreach, goto, next, last, redo, map, or grep.


selfgol -s outputs its own source code.

selfgol < makes self-replicating (with a command line switch of -s), outputs new source to STDOUT.

selfgol -g [-y=## -x=##] [< gamefile] plays the Game of Life with its own source code or an arbitrary file, with optional height and width restrictions.

selfgol -d[=bannertext] displays a rotating banner with the provided text. If no text is provided, it uses the program name as the text.

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