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Last active Jul 29, 2019

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A Bash script to create a video from series of JPEG images. Ideal to create videos from timed sequences shot with a tripod. It uses mogrify (from imagemagick) to resize the images to FullHD and it then uses ffmpeg to create a video from the sequence of images.
# This is a script to create a video from series of JPEG images
# Call it in a folder full of JPEGs that you want to turn into a video.
# Written on 2013-01-08 by Philipp Klaus <philipp.l.klaus →AT→>.
# Check <> for newer versions.
# Resources
# *
# *
# *
# *
set -x
# Rename the images into a sequence
# If sorting according to the file date, copy them using cp -a ../*.JPG ./
for i in $(ls -tr *.JPG); do
ls $i
NEWNAME=IMG_`printf "%05d" $EII`.JPG
#echo Renaming $i to $NEWNAME
mv $i $NEWNAME
EII=`expr $EII + 1`
# Resize the images (replaces the files)
mogrify -resize $RESOLUTION *.JPG
# Now create the video using ffmpeg
cat *.JPG | ffmpeg -f image2pipe -r $FRAMERATE -vcodec mjpeg -i - -vcodec libx264 out_$FRAMERATE.mp4
#ffmpeg -f image2 -r $RATE -i IMG_%05d.JPG movie_$RATE.mp4
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