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Last active Mar 26, 2021
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SVGO config file
multipass: true
- addAttributesToSVGElement: false
- addClassesToSVGElement: false
- cleanupAttrs: true
- cleanupEnableBackground: true
- cleanupIDs: true
- cleanupListOfValues: true
- cleanupNumericValues:
floatPrecision: 2
- collapseGroups: true
- convertColors: true
- convertPathData: true
- convertShapeToPath: true
- convertStyleToAttrs: true
- convertTransform: true
- mergePaths: true
- minifyStyles: true
- moveElemsAttrsToGroup: true
- moveGroupAttrsToElems: true
- removeAttrs: true
- removeComments: true
- removeDesc: true
- removeDimensions: true
- removeDoctype: true
- removeEditorsNSData: true
- removeElementsByAttr: true
- removeEmptyAttrs: true
- removeEmptyContainers: true
- removeEmptyText: true
- removeHiddenElems: true
- removeMetadata: true
- removeNonInheritableGroupAttrs: true
- removeRasterImages
- removeStyleElement: true
- removeTitle: true
- removeUnknownsAndDefaults: true
- removeUnusedNS: true
- removeUselessDefs: true
- removeUselessStrokeAndFill: true
- removeViewBox: true
- removeXMLNS: false
- removeXMLProcInst: true
- sortAttrs: true
- transformsWithOnePath: true
pretty: true
indent: ' '

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@torkleyy torkleyy commented Aug 9, 2019

Thank you!

FYI, transformsWithOnePath seems to no longer exist: svg/svgo@8354897


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@tomchen tomchen commented Jul 16, 2020

Thank you. I've been using this config for a while.

Just one thing. removeElementsByAttr normally has detailed parameters to specify by what attributes you want to remove the elements:

(json format)

removeElementsByAttr: { id: ['invisible'] }

But with

removeElementsByAttr: true

it seems SVGO removes all elements without any attributes (or with class only?).

An element without any attributes (or with class only?) is perfectly valid and this removal is likely not what you want.

So anyone who uses this could switch removeElementsByAttr to false

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