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off on another one!


off on another one!
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planetWayne / index.js
Created November 5, 2021 12:36
My Interpretation of Ania Kubów's YT - Build and sell your own API $$$ -
Please note, credit needs to go to Ania Kubów's YT - Build and sell your own API $$$ -
without such, this wouldnt have existed -->
My take addresses thoughts I had when watching the original that at what point does the scrapes get updated.
This version scrapes each time the /news page is called. It also carries on if there is a problem with a source
(example given with a 'bad source' entry, this is to show what happens if a scraped source goes off line or 'bad')
It also makes use of the URL() function to return the URL if a 'base' needs to be supplied. If a site doesnt need a base,
dont specify the emiment in the array. (another point raised in the comments)
planetWayne / ReadME.rst
Last active April 25, 2024 06:45
Quick and Dirty walkthrough for setting up Enterprise WiFi on Unifi on Windows domain

Walk-through to setup Enterprise Wifi with Unifi on Windows Server =================================================================

Update 14/02/2024 : Added step 3-d - allowing the cert template to be issued by a CA


Quite simply, you will have the ability to log on to your Company Wifi network using your Windows Domain Username and Password. No more remembering someone else's idea of a secure password. A Single Sign-on for all resources.

planetWayne / WebScrolling.rst
Last active December 11, 2019 15:05
Enable Web Page Scrolling when Disabled by a Popup Alert.

In a browser like Chrome etc.:

  • Inspect the code (for e.g. in Chrome press ctrl + shift + c);
  • Set overflow: visible on body element (for e.g., <body style="overflow: visible">)
  • Find/Remove any JavaScripts that may routinely be checking for removal of the overflow property:
  • To find such JavaScript code, you could for example, go through the code, or click on different JavaScript code in the code debugger console and hit backspace on your keyboard to remove it.
  • If you're having trouble finding it, you can simply try removing a couple of JavaScripts (you can of course simply press ctrl + z to undo whatever code you delete, or hit refresh to start over).

planetWayne / ReadMe.rst
Last active November 23, 2023 00:21
Windows Shell Folders

Windows Shell: Folders

I went searching, as I have done many times, to find the name of the common startup folder to add my own shortcuts to run programs at logon. This time, I decided to compile this list below and store it somewhere I'll remember for next time.

This is a copy of the 'meat' (read 'less the adverts') from a TechRadar site that had a reasonably comprehensive list of Windows Shell folder shortcuts. Each of these shell folders can be used in the Windows 'Run' window to open the contents or, if prefered, used as a destination to a custom shortcut.lnk to make it a clickable item. To use just simply copy the corresponding Shell Folder from the section you are after from the tables below.

A lot of these will also work on Windows Server OSs as well as the desktop OSs. At some point I'll update the 'applicable to' list to include newer OSs. I've not had an issue with Windows 10 and Server 2016 with the key ones but YMMV.

Hopefully this will help others, if theres is any o

planetWayne / Get-HVHost.ps1
Last active April 1, 2019 15:25
Get the Parent (host) name of a HyperV Guest
(get-item "hklm:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Virtual Machine\Guest\Parameters").getvalue("hostname")
# To return other info about the host / guest - leave off the .getvalue section
(get-item "hklm:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Virtual Machine\Guest\Parameters")
planetWayne / convertCase.ps1
Last active March 6, 2019 17:37
Convert case of string to have capital first letters.
(get-culture).TextInfo.ToTitleCase("fred bloggs was ere")
Fred Bloggs Was Ere