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import ddf.minim.*;
import ddf.minim.analysis.*;
Minim minim;
AudioPlayer song;
FFT fft;
// Group frequency bands into 3 zones
// Note: dropping the top 64% of the frequency
// bandwidth since we can't hear it
plasticmind / gist:8bbfcfc3e7b07de7897b8e88c6d567ef
Created Mar 20, 2018
DigiPublish Panel: The Current State of Digital Publishing and Its Challenges in Business
View gist:8bbfcfc3e7b07de7897b8e88c6d567ef
# Panel
Elizabeth Brady, Director Audience Engagement, People, @sheerling
Brian Kroski, Former Chief Digital Officer, AMI, @briankroski
Garrett Bewkes, Publisher, National Review, @egbewkes
Linda Li, Director, Global Strategy and Dev, NYT @multilinda
## Biggest Challenges for the Year
- Linda Li (NYT): NYT has 2.6 million digital subscribers — need to change the perception about how consumers feel about the company as a brand; convincing people to pay for news.
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"color_scheme": "Packages/User/SublimeLinter/Sunburst (SL).tmTheme",
"font_face": "Operator Mono",
"font_size": 21,
plasticmind / gist:14e04ebfa734b13e720f
Created Nov 19, 2014
Adjusted Bounce Rate for Google Analytics
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<script type="text/javascript">
var _gaq = _gaq || [];
_gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-XXXXXXXX']);
setTimeout("_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', '15_seconds', 'read'])",15000);
setTimeout("_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', '30_seconds', 'read'])",30000);
(function() {
var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true;
ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + '';
View gist:94107399237599755f07
// == Create a simple hash based on a file checksum
function sr_version_hash($file) {
if(!$file) return false;
$full_path = get_template_directory() . $file;
return hash_file('CRC32',$full_path);
View gist:2b5aa2953759c53e6da5
// change to repo directory, run a git pull and echo the output
echo shell_exec("cd /your/repo/path/here && git pull");
die("done " . mktime());
plasticmind / gist:9260407
Created Feb 27, 2014
UIWebView links open in Safari if the URL doesn't match a certain pattern
View gist:9260407
- (BOOL)webView:(UIWebView *)webView shouldStartLoadWithRequest:(NSURLRequest *)request navigationType:(UIWebViewNavigationType)navigationType {
if ( navigationType == UIWebViewNavigationTypeLinkClicked ) {
NSString *urlString = request.URL.absoluteString;
// Set the pattern to search the request URL for
NSRange range = [urlString rangeOfString:@""];
if (range.location != NSNotFound) {
NSLog(@"%s", "This link matches the pattern and will be loaded in-app within the UIWebView.");
return YES;
} else {
NSLog(@"%s", "This link does NOT match the pattern and will be loaded in Safari.");
plasticmind / navigate-all
Created Feb 13, 2014
Next/Previous: Include multiple post types
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/* = Adjust next/previous links to include multiple post types */
* Replacement for get_adjacent_post()
* This supports only the custom post types you identify and does not
* look at categories anymore. This allows you to go from one custom post type
* to another which was not possible with the default get_adjacent_post().
* Orig: wp-includes/link-template.php
plasticmind / gist:6799419
Last active Dec 24, 2015
All apple-touch-icon permutations...
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<!-- non-retina iPhone pre iOS 7 -->
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="apple-touch-icon-57x57.png" sizes="57x57">
<!-- non-retina iPad pre iOS 7 -->
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="apple-touch-icon-72x72.png" sizes="72x72">
<!-- non-retina iPad iOS 7 -->
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="apple-touch-icon-76x76.png" sizes="76x76">
<!-- retina iPhone pre iOS 7 -->
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="apple-touch-icon-114x114.png" sizes="114x114">
<!-- retina iPhone iOS 7 -->
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="apple-touch-icon-120x120.png" sizes="120x120">
plasticmind /
Created Jun 12, 2013
Behavior for Infinite Scroll jQuery plugin: infinite scrolling doesn't begin until after a manual trigger is clicked.
Infinite Scroll Behavior
Simply Recipes Mobile Style
: Infinite scroll waits for a one-time manual trigger
by Jesse Gardner,
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