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DigiPublish Panel: The Current State of Digital Publishing and Its Challenges in Business
# Panel
Elizabeth Brady, Director Audience Engagement, People, @sheerling
Brian Kroski, Former Chief Digital Officer, AMI, @briankroski
Garrett Bewkes, Publisher, National Review, @egbewkes
Linda Li, Director, Global Strategy and Dev, NYT @multilinda
## Biggest Challenges for the Year
- Linda Li (NYT): NYT has 2.6 million digital subscribers — need to change the perception about how consumers feel about the company as a brand; convincing people to pay for news.
- National Review: helping customers differentiate between news sources (and their trustworthiness); the reactionary state of people today; misconceptions about the quality of all sources
- Brian Kroski (AMI): The industry being reactive instead of proactive and getting hurt in the process
- People: Celebs are their own publishers with social media, so entertainment news is a challenging space right now.
## Notes
Whether or not someone will subscribe is often based on the type of content. For example, People Magazine found that most people wouldn’t pay for the content they’re producing. It’s key to show people the process of journalism in order to justify the cost in the consumer’s mind.
If you can get people to pay, charge them. There’s a value exchange expected. Journalism is not important to everyone, so not everyone will be willing to pay for it.
## “What makes this subscription valuable?”
- Trust: The Overall Trustworthiness of the Brand (the long game)
- Access: Archives, Additional Content, Events, Early Access, Facebook Groups, Podcast
- Features: Commenting, Remove Ads
One of the hardest questions in media right now is: what are willing to pay for vs. what is costly to produce? For example, often people are more willing to pay for low-cost things (like recipes), but not for long-form journalism.
## Paywall/Subscriber
- People Mag: Growing readers, decided not to have a paywall
- NYT: 11th year of subscription model, seems to be working
- National Review: Using a metered paywall but struggling
## Miscellany
- Radar Online — 30% of people visit the home page 200 times/month.
- Prediction from the panel: Podcasts are going to be hot this year.
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