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GitHub Pages with Namecheap custom domain

Using GitHub Pages with a custom domain: Namecheap Edition

As often happens, I found the official documentation and forum answers to be "close, but no cigar", and so had to experiment a little to get things working.

The main problem for me was a lack of concrete configuration examples. That's not entirely GitHub's fault: having migrated from Google Domains to Namecheap in the middle of this project, I was once again reminded of how many different ways there are to do things in the name service universe [1].

Although you'd think the simplest setup would be to merely configure for the subdomain case (, in my experience using the apex domain ( instead resulted in fewer complications.


So here's my recipe for using a custom domain with GitHub pages where Namecheap is the DNS provider:

  1. Create A records for apex domain in Namecheap Advanced DNS panel for the domain(in this example, the fictional ""):
Record Type Host Address TTL
A Record @ 30 minutes
A Record @ 30 minutes
A Record @ 30 minutes
A Record @ 30 minutes
CNAME Record www 30 minutes
  1. Wait an hour, then test if DNS is set up properly:
me@myhost:~$ dig +noall +answer +nocmd		1800	IN	A		1800	IN	A		1800	IN	A		1800	IN	A
me@myhost:~$ dig +noall +answer +nocmd	1800	IN	CNAME	3600	IN	A	3600	IN	A	3600	IN	A	3600	IN	A
  1. In the GitHub repo config for Pages (Settings... Pages), enter your apex domain, "" (not "") in the "Custom Domain" box.

  2. Wait for GitHub to generate ahd install the SSL certificate for that apex domain (at least an hour).

  3. Test by going to "" and "".

I highly recommend not changing domain registrars and DNS providers in the middle of all that.


[1] The other problem is how damned long it takes for things to propagate across global DNS, especially when starting with TTLs of an hour (the trick is to try reducing your TTL before making any other changes, going from an hour to fifteen minutes can make a huge difference in blood pressure readings). Even with shorter TTLs, you need to anticipate upwards of an hour delay between changes. So chill. Read a book. Talk to the dog.

Further Reading

"Configuring a custom domain for your GitHub Pages site". GitHub Docs,, Retrieved 9 September 2021.

"How do I link my domain to GitHub Pages". Namecheap Knowledgebase,, Retrieved 10 September 2021.

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Thanks for the tutorial, helped me to get the website running within couple of minutes without any hiccups!

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hwedi commented Dec 26, 2022

any idea how to configure a subdomain? really appreciated

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Thank you so much!

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Thanks. This helped me alot. 👌🏿

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Verify domain, Create TXT record with:
Host: "_github-pages-challenge-ORGANIZATION" or "_github-pages-challenge-YOURUSERNAME"

Read more detail:

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Hey, thanks! This was super helpful. The GitHub documentation could benefit from your input.

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Huge thanks for this very clear step by step instruction.

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ghost commented Jul 28, 2023

Thank you, this worked for my organisation's domain name too! 🚀🚀✅

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I only realised from this that I have to use * instead of the domain that my pages use. Thank you!

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Thanks! :)

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I only realised from this that I have to use * instead of the domain that my pages use. Thank you!

can i ask what you mean by this? will this work instead? im having a lot of problems doing this process as a full beginner with my very first custom domain.

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JohnCuadrado commented Sep 16, 2023

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