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How to run Ecto migrations in Elixir/Phoenix from an `iex -S mix` or production console
# How to run Ecto migrations from IEx console... Examples
# preliminaries assumed in the following code, change to fit your environment:
alias YourAppName.Repo
your_app_name_as_atom = :mpnetwork
downto_version = 20170724182558
# Down:, "priv/repo/migrations/", :down, [to: downto_version])
# Up:, "priv/repo/migrations/", :up, [all: true])
# In production when not sure if working directory is inside app dir:, Application.app_dir(your_app_name_as_atom, "priv/repo/migrations"), :down, [to: downto_version]), Application.app_dir(your_app_name_as_atom, "priv/repo/migrations"), :up, [all: true])

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astavonintsc commented Mar 3, 2020

is there a way to run mix ecto.create from console?

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