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Grab avatars for github users, use for: gource --user-image-dir .git/avatar/
#fetch Gravatars
use strict;
use warnings;
use LWP::Simple;
use Digest::MD5 qw(md5_hex);
my $size = 90;
my $output_dir = '.git/avatar';
die("no .git/ directory found in current path\n") unless -d '.git';
mkdir($output_dir) unless -d $output_dir;
open(GITLOG, q/git log --pretty=format:"%ae|%an" |/) or die("failed to read git-log: $!\n");
my %processed_authors;
while(<GITLOG>) {
my($email, $author) = split(/\|/, $_);
next if $processed_authors{$author}++;
my $author_image_file = $output_dir . '/' . $author . '.png';
#skip images we have
next if -e $author_image_file;
#try and fetch image
my $grav_url = "".md5_hex(lc $email)."?d=404&size=".$size;
warn "fetching image for '$author' $email ($grav_url)...\n";
my $rc = getstore($grav_url, $author_image_file);
if($rc != 200) {
close GITLOG;
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hangtwenty commented May 24, 2018

Thank you!!!

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OishikGuha commented Dec 31, 2020

lmao i tried the script on my directory and all it does is that it creates an avatar folder but does not save the avatar png file

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