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Created Apr 4, 2013
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INFO 247 - Lab 10 - #3
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{"Case": "Newtown school shooting","Location": "Newtown, Connecticut","Date": "12/14/2012","Year": 2012,"Summary": "Adam Lanza, 20, shot his mother dead at their home then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary school. He forced his way inside and opened fire, killing 20 children and six adults before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 28,"Injured": 2,"Total_victims": 30,"Venue": "School","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Unclear","Mental_Health": "His older brother told authorities Adam had a history of mental problems. One neighbor recalled that he took some kind of medication.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "No","Where_obtained": "Stolen from mother","Type_of_weapons": "Two semiautomatic handguns, one rifle (assault), one shotgun (assault)","Weapon_details": "10mm Glock, 9mm SIG Sauer P226 semiautomatic handguns; .223 Bushmaster XM15-E2S semiautomatic rifle; Izhmash Saiga-12 12-gauge semiautomatic shotgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";","Mental_Health_Sources": ";","latitude": 47.6062095,"longitude": -122.3320708,"Type": "Spree"},
{"Case": "Accent Signage Systems shooting","Location": "Minneapolis, Minnesota","Date": "9/27/2012","Year": 2012,"Summary": "Andrew Engeldinger, 36, upon learning he was being fired, went on a shooting rampage, killing the business owner, three fellow employees, and a UPS driver. He then killed himself.","Fatalities": 7,"Injured": 1,"Total_victims": 8,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "His family worried about his paranoia and delusions for at least two years prior, and tried to get him to seek treatment.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Unknown","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": "9mm Glock semiautomatic handgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": "","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 34.44146,"longitude": -119.825872,"Type": "Spree"},
{"Case": "Sikh temple shooting","Location": "Oak Creek, Wisconsin","Date": "8/5/2012","Year": 2012,"Summary": "U.S. Army veteran Wade Michael Page, 40, opened fire in a Sikh gurdwara before he died from a self-inflicted gunshot would during a shootout with police.","Fatalities": 7,"Injured": 3,"Total_victims": 10,"Venue": "Religious","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "His Army friends once broke into his apartment, fearing he'd commit suicide in the '90s. A psychiatric nurse who lived downstairs from Page said it was obvious he had a mental illness.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Unknown","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": "9mm Springfield Armory XDM semiautomatic handgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 47.876346,"longitude": -95.0169401,"Type": "Spree"},
{"Case": "Aurora theater shooting","Location": "Aurora, Colorado","Date": "7/20/2012","Year": 2012,"Summary": "James Holmes, 24, opened fire in a movie theater during the opening night of The Dark Night Rises and was later arrested outside.","Fatalities": 12,"Injured": 58,"Total_victims": 70,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "He saw at least three mental health professionals before dropping out of his university.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Gander Mountain stores in Thornton and Aurora, Colo.; Bass Pro Shop in Denver, Colo.;","Type_of_weapons": "Two semiautomatic handguns, one rifle (assault), one shotgun","Weapon_details": "Two .40-caliber Glock semiautomatic handguns; .223-caliber Smith & Wesson M&P15 semiautomatic rifle; 12-gauge Remington 870 pump-action shotgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 33.762024,"longitude": -84.385403,"Type": "Spree"},
{"Case": "Seattle cafe shooting","Location": "Seattle, Washington","Date": "5/20/2012","Year": 2012,"Summary": "Ian Stawicki, 40, gunned down four patrons at a cafe, and another person during a carjacking nearby, then shot himself as police closed in. (He died later that day in a Seattle hospital.)","Fatalities": 6,"Injured": 1,"Total_victims": 7,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "His family said he was mentally ill","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Bull's Eye Shooter Supply in Tacoma, Wash.","Type_of_weapons": "Two semiautomatic handguns","Weapon_details": "Two .45-caliber semiautomatic handguns","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;contentBody;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 44.0462362,"longitude": -123.0220289,"Type": "Spree"},
{"Case": "Oikos University killings","Location": "Oakland, California","Date": "4/2/2012","Year": 2012,"Summary": "One L. Goh, 43, a former student, opened fire in a nursing classroom. He fled the scene by car and was arrested nearby a few hours later.","Fatalities": 7,"Injured": 3,"Total_victims": 10,"Venue": "School","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "A former instructor at Oikos described him as mentally unstable and paranoid.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Bullseye in Castro Valley, Calif.","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": ".45-caliber semiautomatic handgun","Race": "Asian","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;;","Mental_Health_Sources": ";","latitude": 28.0344621,"longitude": -80.5886646,"Type": "Spree"},
{"Case": "Su Jung Health Sauna shooting","Location": "Norcross, Georgia","Date": "2/22/2012","Year": 2012,"Summary": "Jeong Soo Paek, 59, returned to a Korean spa from which he'd been kicked out after an altercation. He gunned down two of his sisters and their husbands before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 5,"Injured": 0,"Total_victims": 5,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "His sister worried about his homicidal tendencies; she said his mental health had been deteriorating and that he had threatened to commit suicide with his gun.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Unknown","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": ".45-caliber semiautomatic handgun","Race": "Asian","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 41.415569,"longitude": -73.303541,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Seal Beach shooting","Location": "Seal Beach, California","Date": "10/14/2011","Year": 2011,"Summary": "Scott Evans Dekraai, 42, opened fire inside a hair salon and was later arrested.","Fatalities": 8,"Injured": 1,"Total_victims": 9,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "He suffered from bipolar disorder, mood swings, and PTSD.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Unknown","Type_of_weapons": "Two semiautomatic handguns, one revolver","Weapon_details": ".45-caliber Heckler & Koch, 9mm Springfield semiautomatic handguns; .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson revolver","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 44.983334,"longitude": -93.26667,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "IHOP shooting","Location": "Carson City, Nevada","Date": "9/6/2011","Year": 2011,"Summary": "Eduardo Sencion, 32, opened fire at an International House of Pancakes restaurant and later died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.","Fatalities": 5,"Injured": 7,"Total_victims": 12,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia as a teenager and feared demons were out to get him.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Purchased from an individual","Type_of_weapons": "Two rifles (both assault), one revolver","Weapon_details": "AK-47 Norinco Arms variant, AK-47 Romarm Cugir variant automatic rifles; .38-caliber Colt revolver","Race": "Latino","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 42.8858503,"longitude": -87.8631362,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Tucson shooting","Location": "Tucson, Arizona","Date": "1/8/2011","Year": 2011,"Summary": "Jared Loughner, 22, opened fire outside a Safeway during a constituent meeting with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) before he was subdued by bystanders and arrested.","Fatalities": 6,"Injured": 13,"Total_victims": 19,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "His symptoms pointed to various possible mental illness diagnoses, such as schizophrenia and delusional disorder. He also experimented with pot and hallucinogens.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Sportsmen's Warehouse in Tucson, Ariz.","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": "9mm Glock 19 semiautomatic handgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ",9171,2042358,00.html;;","Mental_Health_Sources": ",9171,2042358,00.html","latitude": 39.70689,"longitude": -104.820735,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Hartford Beer Distributor shooting","Location": "Manchester, Connecticut","Date": "8/3/2010","Year": 2010,"Summary": "Omar S. Thornton, 34, shot up his Hartford Beer Distributor workplace after facing disciplinary issues, then committed suicide.","Fatalities": 9,"Injured": 2,"Total_victims": 11,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "No","Mental_Health": "He apparently was driven over the edge by unaddressed, ongoing racism against him at work","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Gun dealer in East Windsor, Conn.","Type_of_weapons": "Two semiautomatic handguns","Weapon_details": "Two 9mm Ruger SR9 semiautomatic handguns","Race": "black","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 37.8043637,"longitude": -122.2711137,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Coffee shop police killings","Location": "Parkland, Washington","Date": "11/29/2009","Year": 2009,"Summary": "Maurice Clemmons, 37, a felon who was out on bail for child-rape charges, entered a coffee shop on a Sunday morning and shot four police officers who had gone there to use their laptops before their shifts. Clemmons, who was wounded fleeing the scene, was later shot dead by a police officer in Seattle after a two-day manhunt.","Fatalities": 4,"Injured": 1,"Total_victims": 5,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "He had a history of erratic, bizarre behavior. He once asked his family to get naked for 5 minutes on Sunday; he said he thought the world would end and that he was Jesus.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "No","Where_obtained": "Stolen from an individual in Seattle.","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": "9mm Glock 17 semiautomatic handgun; .38-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver","Race": "black","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 33.9412127,"longitude": -84.2135309,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Fort Hood massacre","Location": "Fort Hood, Texas","Date": "11/5/2009","Year": 2009,"Summary": "Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, opened fire on an Army base in an attack linked to Islamist extremism. Hasan was injured during the attack and later arrested.","Fatalities": 13,"Injured": 30,"Total_victims": 43,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Unclear","Mental_Health": "Medical officials at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences raised concerns prior to the shooting regarding Hasan's aloof and erratic behavior and extremist Islamic views.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Guns Galore in Kileen, Texas","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": "FN Five-seveN semiautomatic handgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 33.7414064,"longitude": -118.1047866,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Binghamton shootings","Location": "Binghamton, New York","Date": "4/3/2009","Year": 2009,"Summary": "Jiverly Wong, 41, opened fire at an American Civic Association center for immigrants before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 14,"Injured": 4,"Total_victims": 18,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "He apparently harbored growing paranoia toward cops. He also sent a delusional letter to a local TV station right before the shooting.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Gander Mountain in Johnson City, N.Y.","Type_of_weapons": "Two semiautomatic handguns","Weapon_details": "9mm Beretta, .45-caliber Springfield semiautomatic handguns","Race": "Asian","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 39.174256,"longitude": -119.767559,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Carthage nursing home shooting","Location": "Carthage, North Carolina","Date": "3/29/2009","Year": 2009,"Summary": "Robert Stewart, 45, opened fire at a nursing home where his estranged wife worked before he was shot and arrested by a police officer.","Fatalities": 8,"Injured": 3,"Total_victims": 11,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "His estranged wife told her workplace that her husband had an unstable mental state or (was) mentally ill.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Local sporting goods stores and individuals","Type_of_weapons": "One revolver, one shotgun","Weapon_details": "Winchester 1300 pump-action shotgun; .357 Magnum revolver","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 32.2217429,"longitude": -110.926479,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Atlantis Plastics shooting","Location": "Henderson, Kentucky","Date": "6/25/2008","Year": 2008,"Summary": "Disgruntled employee Wesley Neal Higdon, 25, shot up an Atlantis Plastics factory after he was escorted out of his workplace for an argument with a supervisor. Higdon shot the supervisor outside the factory before opening fire on coworkers inside. He then committed suicide.","Fatalities": 6,"Injured": 1,"Total_victims": 7,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "No","Mental_Health": "He called his girlfriend two hours before the shooting to say he was going to kill his boss.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Unknown","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": ".45-caliber Hi-Point semiautomatic handgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ",2933,371242,00.html;","Mental_Health_Sources": ",2933,371242,00.html","latitude": 41.7759301,"longitude": -72.5215009,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Northern Illinois University shooting","Location": "DeKalb, Illinois","Date": "2/14/2008","Year": 2008,"Summary": "Steven Kazmierczak, 27, opened fire in a lecture hall, then shot and killed himself before police arrived.","Fatalities": 6,"Injured": 21,"Total_victims": 27,"Venue": "School","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "After high school, his parents placed him at a psychiatric treatment center. He told friends he left the Army after six months due to a psychological discharge. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Online and gun retailers in Champaign, Ill. ","Type_of_weapons": "Three semiautomatic handguns, one shotgun","Weapon_details": "9mm Glock 19, Hi-Point CF380, 9mm Kurz SIG Sauer P232 semiautomatic handguns; 12-gauge Remington Sportsman 48 sawed-off shotgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 47.1553769,"longitude": -122.4340113,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Kirkwood City Council shooting","Location": "Kirkwood, Missouri","Date": "2/7/2008","Year": 2008,"Summary": "Charles Cookie Lee Thornton, 52, went on a rampage at the city hall before being shot and killed by police.","Fatalities": 6,"Injured": 2,"Total_victims": 8,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "No","Mental_Health": "He was known for histrionics and disruptions at city council meetings. His mounting debt was a stressor.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "No","Where_obtained": "Taken in burglary and from fallen police officer","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun, one revolver","Weapon_details": ".40-caliber Smith & Wesson semiautomatic handgun; .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolver","Race": "black","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 31.133195,"longitude": -97.780409,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Westroads Mall shooting","Location": "Omaha, Nebraska","Date": "12/5/2007","Year": 2007,"Summary": "Robert A. Hawkins, 19, opened fire inside Westroads Mall before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 9,"Injured": 4,"Total_victims": 13,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "He had been treated in the past for depression and ADHD. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "No","Where_obtained": "Stolen from grandfather","Type_of_weapons": "One rifle (assault)","Weapon_details": "WASR-10 Century Arms semiautomatic rifle","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;;,0,882178.story","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 42.101534,"longitude": -75.917441,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Crandon shooting","Location": "Crandon, Wisconsin","Date": "10/7/2007","Year": 2007,"Summary": "Off-duty sheriff's deputy Tyler Peterson, 20, opened fire inside an apartment after an argument at a homecoming party. He fled the scene and later committed suicide.","Fatalities": 6,"Injured": 1,"Total_victims": 7,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Unclear","Mental_Health": "The families of victims filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the county arguing that the police department should have evaluated the gunman's mental health before hiring him.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Issued by Forest County Sheriff's Department","Type_of_weapons": "One rifle (assault)","Weapon_details": "AR-15 SWAT semiautomatic rifle","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";,5434155&dq=crandon+shooting&hl=en","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 35.357696,"longitude": -79.415474,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Virginia Tech massacre","Location": "Blacksburg, Virginia","Date": "4/16/2007","Year": 2007,"Summary": "Virginia Tech student Seung-Hui Cho, 23, opened fire on his school's campus before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 33,"Injured": 23,"Total_victims": 56,"Venue": "School","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "A district court ruled Cho was an imminent danger to himself and others as a result of mental illness two years earlier, and directed Cho to seek treatment. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Purchased variously online and from Roanoke Firearms in Roanoke, Va.","Type_of_weapons": "Two semiautomatic handguns","Weapon_details": "9mm Glock 19, .22-caliber Walther P22 semiautomatic handguns","Race": "Asian","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 37.840699,"longitude": -87.589239,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Trolley Square shooting","Location": "Salt Lake City, Utah","Date": "2/12/2007","Year": 2007,"Summary": "Sulejman Talović‡, 18, rampaged through the shopping center until he was shot dead by police.","Fatalities": 6,"Injured": 4,"Total_victims": 10,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Unclear","Mental_Health": "According to one relative, he was violent and had the mental capacity of a child. (But accounts from others did not indicate this about the shooter.)","Weapons_obtained_legally": "No","Where_obtained": "Purchased variously from Sportsman's Fast Cash in West Valley City, Utah and individuals ","Type_of_weapons": "One revolver, one shotgun","Weapon_details": "Mossberg Maverick 88 Field shotgun; .38-caliber Smith & Wesson M36 revolver","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 41.935232,"longitude": -88.747616,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Amish school shooting","Location": "Lancaster County, Pennsylvania","Date": "10/2/2006","Year": 2006,"Summary": "Charles Carl Roberts, 32, shot 10 young girls in a one-room schoolhouse in Bart Township, killing 5, before taking his own life.","Fatalities": 6,"Injured": 5,"Total_victims": 11,"Venue": "School","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "No","Mental_Health": "He told his wife that he'd molested two young relatives 20 years ago. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Local stores in Nickel Mines, Penn. ","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun, one rifle, one shotgun","Weapon_details": "Springfield semiautomatic handgun; .30-06 Ruger bolt-action rifle; 12-gauge Browning pump-action shotgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ",1260138&dq=charles+carl+roberts+mentally+ill&hl=en;;,2933,217170,00.html","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 38.586552,"longitude": -90.406523,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Capitol Hill massacre","Location": "Seattle, Washington","Date": "3/25/2006","Year": 2006,"Summary": "Kyle Aaron Huff, 28, opened fire at a rave afterparty in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 7,"Injured": 2,"Total_victims": 9,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "No","Mental_Health": "Police were unable to find any record that he had been treated for mental illness or was on psychiatric medication.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Various sporting goods stores in Kalispell, Mont.","Type_of_weapons": "Two semiautomatic handguns, one rifle (assault), one shotgun","Weapon_details": ".40-caliber Ruger, one other semiautomatic handgun; Bushmaster XM15 E2S semiautomatic rifle; 12-gauge Winchester Defender pump-action shotgun with extended tube and pistol grip","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 41.2523634,"longitude": -95.9979883,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Goleta postal shootings","Location": "Goleta, California","Date": "1/30/2006","Year": 2006,"Summary": "Former postal worker Jennifer Sanmarco, 44, shot dead a former neighbor then drove to the mail processing plant where she used to work. Inside, she opened fire, killing six employees before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 8,"Injured": 0,"Total_victims": 8,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "She was placed on retirement disability for psychological reasons. Fellow employees described her behavior as increasingly bizarre. She believed the Postal Service employees were conspiring against her.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Pawn shops in Grants and Gallup, N.M.","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": "9mm Smith & Wesson 915 semiautomatic handgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Female","Sources": ";; ","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 45.574278,"longitude": -88.903971,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Red Lake massacre","Location": "Red Lake, Minnesota","Date": "3/21/2005","Year": 2005,"Summary": "Jeffrey Weise, 16, murdered his grandfather, who was a police officer, and grandfather's girlfriend. Weise then drove his grandfather's squad car to Red Lake Senior High School and opened fire on the reservation campus, killing another seven people before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 10,"Injured": 5,"Total_victims": 15,"Venue": "School","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "He voluntarily visited a a psychiatric ward. He was hospitalized at least once for suicidal tendencies and was taking Prozac.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "No","Where_obtained": "Glock and Remington stolen from grandfather","Type_of_weapons": "Two semiautomatic handguns, one shotgun","Weapon_details": ".40-caliber Glock 23, .22-caliber Ruger semiautomatic handguns; 12-gauge Remington 870 shotgun","Race": "Native American","Gender": "Male","Sources": ",1527281&dq=jeffrey+weise+mental+ill&hl=en;;;,2933,151116,00.html","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 37.234702,"longitude": -80.41345,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Living Church of God shooting","Location": "Brookfield, Wisconsin","Date": "3/12/2005","Year": 2005,"Summary": "Living Church of God member Terry Michael Ratzmann, 44, opened fire at a church meeting at a Sheraton hotel before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 7,"Injured": 4,"Total_victims": 11,"Venue": "Religious","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "Neighbors said he suffered from depression and had a drinking problem.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Gun dealer in Waukesha, Wis.","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": "9mm Beretta semiautomatic handgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";,2933,150255,00.html;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 40.7607793,"longitude": -111.8910474,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Damageplan show shooting","Location": "Columbus, Ohio","Date": "12/8/2004","Year": 2004,"Summary": "Nathan Gale, 25, possibly upset about the breakup of Pantera, gunned down former Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell and three others at a Damageplan show before a police officer fatally shot Gale.","Fatalities": 5,"Injured": 7,"Total_victims": 12,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "He was discharged from the military because he was a paranoid schizophrenic.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Received as a gift from mother","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": "9mm Beretta 92FS semiautomatic handgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 40.072817,"longitude": -76.179428,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Lockheed Martin shooting","Location": "Meridian, Mississippi","Date": "7/8/2003","Year": 2003,"Summary": "Assembly line worker Douglas Williams, 48, opened fire at his Lockheed Martin workplace in a racially motivated attack before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 7,"Injured": 8,"Total_victims": 15,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "His cousin said he was depressed and going through a lot of things.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Purchased from an individual","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun, two rifles, one derringer, one shotgun","Weapon_details": ".45-caliber Ruger P90 semiautomatic handgun; .22-caliber rifle with scope, .223-caliber Ruger Mini-14 rifle; 12-gauge Winchester 1300 shotgun; .22 Magnum derringer","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 47.623984,"longitude": -122.316384,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Navistar shooting","Location": "Melrose Park, Illinois","Date": "2/5/2001","Year": 2001,"Summary": "Fired employee William D. Baker, 66, opened fire at his former Navistar workplace before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 5,"Injured": 4,"Total_victims": 9,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "No","Mental_Health": "He had a criminal past, including a sexual assault conviction.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Some purchased from Pepper Sports in Glen Ellyn, Ill. ","Type_of_weapons": "Two rifles, one revolver, one shotgun","Weapon_details": "SKS 1954R, .30-caliber Winchester rifles; 12-gauge Remington pump-action shotgun; .38-caliber revolver","Race": "black","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 43.065627,"longitude": -88.10697,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Wakefield massacre","Location": "Wakefield, Massachusetts","Date": "12/26/2000","Year": 2000,"Summary": "Michael McDermott, 42, opened fire on co-workers at Edgewater Technology and was later arrested.","Fatalities": 7,"Injured": 0,"Total_victims": 7,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "Psychiatrist guessed he had schizophrenia, but McDermott had researched how to fake a mental illness on the internet. Defense lawyer described history of suicide attempts and mental illness dating back to teen years. Jury rejected his insanity defense. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Unknown","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun, one rifle (assault), one shotgun","Weapon_details": ".32-caliber Retolaza semiautomatic handgun; AK-47 variant semiautomatic rifle; 12-gauge Winchester 1300 pump-action shotgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ",9171,93313,00.html;;;","Mental_Health_Sources": ";","latitude": 39.983434,"longitude": -82.995071,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Hotel shooting","Location": "Tampa, Florida","Date": "12/30/1999","Year": 1999,"Summary": "Hotel employee Silvio Leyva, 36, gunned down four coworkers at the Radisson Bay Harbor Inn before killing a woman outside who refused to give him her car. He was arrested shortly after the shootings.","Fatalities": 5,"Injured": 3,"Total_victims": 8,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "His brother called him unbalanced and mentally ill.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "One purchased from Big E's in Tampa, Fla.","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun, one revolver","Weapon_details": "9mm Lorcin semiautomatic handgun; .38-caliber Charter Arms revolver","Race": "Latino","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;,2634069&dq=silvio+leyva+shooting&hl=en","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 32.3643098,"longitude": -88.703656,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Xerox killings","Location": "Honolulu, Hawaii","Date": "11/2/1999","Year": 1999,"Summary": "Byran Koji Uyesugi, 40, a Xerox service technician, opened fire inside the building with a 9mm Glock. He fled and was later apprehended by police.","Fatalities": 7,"Injured": 0,"Total_victims": 7,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": " A psychiatrist, testifying for the prosecution,said he suffered from schizophrenia.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Hunting Supplies of Hawaii (The Armory) in Honolulu, Hawaii","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": "9mm Glock 17 semiautomatic handgun","Race": "Asian","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 41.9005865,"longitude": -87.8567276,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Wedgwood Baptist Church shooting","Location": "Fort Worth, Texas","Date": "9/15/1999","Year": 1999,"Summary": "Larry Gene Ashbrook, 47, opened fire inside the Wedgwood Baptist Church during a prayer rally before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 8,"Injured": 7,"Total_victims": 15,"Venue": "Religious","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "His siblings decribed him as a paranoid schizophrenic. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Trader's Village flea market in Grand Prairie, Texas","Type_of_weapons": "Two semiautomatic handguns","Weapon_details": ".380-caliber, 9mm Ruger P85 semiautomatic handguns","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 42.5039395,"longitude": -71.0723391,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Atlanta day trading spree killings","Location": "Atlanta, Georgia","Date": "7/29/1999","Year": 1999,"Summary": "Day trader Mark O. Barton, 44, who had recently lost a substantial sum of money, went on a shooting spree through two day-trading firms. He started at the All-Tech Investment Group, where he worked, then went on to Momentum Securities. He fled and hours later, after being cornered by police outside a gas station, committed suicide. (Two days before the spree, he killed his wife and two children with a hammer.)","Fatalities": 9,"Injured": 13,"Total_victims": 22,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "In letters, he details his deep depression and downward spiral. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Glock purchased from gun store in Warner Robins, Ga. ","Type_of_weapons": "Three semiautomatic handguns, one revolver","Weapon_details": ".45-caliber Colt 1911-A1, 9mm Glock 17, .25-caliber Raven Arms MP-25 semiautomatic handguns; .22-caliber Harrington & Richardson revolver","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 27.950575,"longitude": -82.4571776,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Columbine High School massacre","Location": "Littleton, Colorado","Date": "4/20/1999","Year": 1999,"Summary": "Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, opened fire throughout Columbine High School before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 15,"Injured": 24,"Total_victims": 39,"Venue": "School","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "Harris was an alleged psychopath; Klebold was depressed and suicidal.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "No","Where_obtained": "Purchased variously at Tanner Gun Show in Denver, Colo. and from an individual","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun (assault), one rifle (assault), two shotguns","Weapon_details": "9mm Intratec DC-9 semiautomatic handgun; 9mm Hi-Point 995 carbine rifle; 12-gauge sawed-off Savage Stevens 311D, 12-gauge sawed-off Savage Springfield 67H pump-action shotguns","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 21.3069444,"longitude": -157.8583333,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Thurston High School shooting","Location": "Springfield, Oregon","Date": "5/21/1998","Year": 1998,"Summary": "After he was expelled for having a gun in his locker, Kipland P. Kinkel, 15, a freshman at Thurston High, went on a shooting spree, killing his parents at home and two students at school. Five classmates wrestled Kipland to the ground before he was arrested. ","Fatalities": 4,"Injured": 25,"Total_victims": 29,"Venue": "School","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "Doctors testified that he was a paranoid schizophrenic who suffered from hallucinations","Weapons_obtained_legally": "No","Where_obtained": "Purchased variously from friend and father, and stolen from father","Type_of_weapons": "Two semiautomatic handguns, one rifle","Weapon_details": "9mm Glock, .22-caliber Ruger semiautomatic handguns, .22-caliber Ruger rifle","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 32.742237,"longitude": -97.317123,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Westside Middle School killings","Location": "Jonesboro, Arkansas","Date": "3/24/1998","Year": 1998,"Summary": "Mitchell Scott Johnson, 13, and Andrew Douglas Golden, 11, two juveniles, ambushed students and teachers as they left the school; they were apprehended by police at the scene.","Fatalities": 5,"Injured": 10,"Total_victims": 15,"Venue": "School","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "No","Mental_Health": "Boys displayed unruly and aggressive behavior. They picked on kids and made threats about killing people. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "No","Where_obtained": "Stolen from grandfather and father","Type_of_weapons": "Two semiautomatic handguns, two rifles, three revolvers, two derringers","Weapon_details": "FIE 380, .380-caliber Star semiautomatic handguns; .44 Magnum Ruger, .30-06 Remington 742, .30-caliber Universal M-1 carbine replica rifles; .38-caliber Charter Arms, .357-caliber Ruger Security Six, .38-caliber Smith & Wesson revolvers; .22-caliber Double Deuce Buddie two-shot, .38-caliber Davis Industries two-shot derringers","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": "","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 39.613321,"longitude": -105.0166498,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Connecticut Lottery shooting","Location": "Newington, Connecticut","Date": "3/6/1998","Year": 1998,"Summary": "Lottery worker Matthew Beck, 35, gunned down four bosses over a salary dispute before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 5,"Injured": 1,"Total_victims": 6,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "He had been hospitalized for psychiatric reasons and had a history of depression","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Unknown","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": "9mm semiautomatic handgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 35.852327,"longitude": -90.703526,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Caltrans maintenance yard shooting","Location": "Orange, California","Date": "12/18/1997","Year": 1997,"Summary": "Former Caltrans employee Arturo Reyes Torres, 41, opened fire at a maintenance yard after he was fired for allegedly selling government materials he'd stolen from work. He was shot dead by police.","Fatalities": 5,"Injured": 2,"Total_victims": 7,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "No","Mental_Health": "He was disgruntled after being fired. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "B&B Gun Sales in Orange County, Calif.","Type_of_weapons": "One rifle (assault)","Weapon_details": "7.62mm AK-47 Chinese variant semiautomatic rifle","Race": "Latino","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;;,2243998&dq=arturo+reyes+torres+caltrans&hl=en","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 41.6972996,"longitude": -72.7228293,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "R.E. Phelon Company shooting","Location": "Aiken, South Carolina","Date": "9/15/1997","Year": 1997,"Summary": "Ex-con Hastings Arthur Wise, 43, opened fire at the R.E. Phelon Company in retaliation for being fired after an argument with a supervisor. He attempted suicide by ingesting insecticide, failed, and was executed by the state of South Carolina eight years later.","Fatalities": 4,"Injured": 3,"Total_victims": 7,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "No","Mental_Health": "An ex-con, he had been freed from prison, although he displayed violent tendencies.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "No","Where_obtained": "Unknown","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": "9mm semiautomatic handgun","Race": "black","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 33.7877944,"longitude": -117.8531119,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Fort Lauderdale revenge shooting","Location": "Fort Lauderdale, Florida","Date": "2/9/1996","Year": 1996,"Summary": "Fired city park employee Clifton McCree, 41, opened fire on former coworkers he called racist devils inside their municipal trailer in an act of revenge after failing a drug test. He then committed suicide.","Fatalities": 6,"Injured": 1,"Total_victims": 7,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "Co-workers complained about his threats and verbal abuse. His supervisors asked him to get a psychiatric evaluation. He lost his job, which relatives said drove his depression.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Unknown","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun, one revolver","Weapon_details": "9mm Glock semiautomatic handgun; .32-caliber revolver","Race": "black","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 33.568575,"longitude": -81.719107,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Walter Rossler Company massacre","Location": "Corpus Christi, Texas","Date": "4/3/1995","Year": 1995,"Summary": "Disgruntled former metallurgist James Daniel Simpson, 28, opened fire throughout the Walter Rossler Company where he had worked before exiting the building and committing suicide.","Fatalities": 6,"Injured": 0,"Total_victims": 6,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "No","Mental_Health": "He was likely angry because he was given an assignment at work he didn't like. But acquaintances didn't know why he'd come back and kill.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Unknown","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun, one revolver","Weapon_details": "9mm Ruger semiautomatic handgun; .32-caliber revolver","Race": "Unknown","Gender": "Male","Sources": "","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 26.129857,"longitude": -80.143604,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Air Force base shooting","Location": "Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington","Date": "6/20/1994","Year": 1994,"Summary": "Former airman Dean Allen Mellberg, 20, opened fire inside a hospital at the Fairchild Air Force Base before he was shot dead by a military police officer outside.","Fatalities": 5,"Injured": 23,"Total_victims": 28,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "He was repeatedly diagnosed with emotional problems during his two years of service.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Gun dealer in Spokane, Wash.","Type_of_weapons": "One rifle (assault)","Weapon_details": "MAK-90 semiautomatic rifle","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 27.820859,"longitude": -97.398148,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Chuck E. Cheese's killings","Location": "Aurora, Colorado","Date": "12/14/1993","Year": 1993,"Summary": "Nathan Dunlap, 19, a recently fired Chuck E. Cheese's employee, went on a rampage through his former workplace and was arrested the following day. He now awaits execution on death row.","Fatalities": 4,"Injured": 1,"Total_victims": 5,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Unclear","Mental_Health": "While he was in prison awaiting trial, he started acting bizarre by stripping naked and playing with his feces, apparently to avoid the death penalty. A state doctor testified that Dunlap was was faking his mental illness. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Unknown","Where_obtained": "Unknown","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": ".25-caliber semiautomatic handgun","Race": "black","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;,6 ","Mental_Health_Sources": ",6","latitude": 47.617504,"longitude": -117.655191,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Long Island Rail Road massacre","Location": "Garden City, New York","Date": "12/7/1993","Year": 1993,"Summary": "Colin Ferguson, 35, opened fire on an eastbound Long Island Rail Road train as it approached a Garden City station. He was later arrested.","Fatalities": 6,"Injured": 19,"Total_victims": 25,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "Psychiatrists and others said he suffered from racial paranoia and was obsessed with nonexistent conspiracies. His landlord said he had delusions of grandeur.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Turner's Outdoorsman in Signal Hill, Calif. ","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": "9mm Ruger P89 semiautomatic handgun","Race": "black","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 39.754713,"longitude": -104.835869,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Luigi's shooting","Location": "Fayetteville, North Carolina","Date": "8/6/1993","Year": 1993,"Summary": "Army Sgt. Kenneth Junior French, 22, opened fire inside Luigi's Italian restaurant while ranting about gays in the military before he was shot and arrested by police.","Fatalities": 4,"Injured": 8,"Total_victims": 12,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "No","Mental_Health": "He had an abusive father, who committed suicide.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Unknown","Type_of_weapons": "One rifle, two shotguns","Weapon_details": ".22-caliber rifle; two 12-gauge shotguns","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";,2482529&dq=kenneth+junior+french&hl=en","Mental_Health_Sources": ",2482529&dq=kenneth+junior+french&hl=en","latitude": 40.730348,"longitude": -73.634345,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "101 California Street shootings","Location": "San Francisco, California","Date": "7/1/1993","Year": 1993,"Summary": "Failed businessman Gian Luigi Ferri, 55, opened fire throughout an office building before he committed suicide inside as police pursued him.","Fatalities": 9,"Injured": 6,"Total_victims": 15,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "No","Mental_Health": "He was down on his luck because of failed business decisions. One acquaintance said, He was the least likely guy you can imagine doing something like that. His ex-wife said he hated violence.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "No","Where_obtained": "Super Pawn and Pacific Tactical Weapons, both in Las Vegas, Nev.","Type_of_weapons": "Three semiautomatic handguns (two assault)","Weapon_details": "Two Intratec DC-9, .45-caliber Colt semiautomatic handguns","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 35.066535,"longitude": -78.876457,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Watkins Glen killings","Location": "Watkins Glen, New York","Date": "10/15/1992","Year": 1992,"Summary": "John T. Miller, 50, killed four child-support workers in a county office building before turning the gun on himself. Miller was upset about a court order garnishing his paycheck to cover overdue child-support payments.","Fatalities": 5,"Injured": 0,"Total_victims": 5,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "The day before the shooting, he told child-support collection office workers that he was considering suicide. He had been convicted of felonious assault for pointing a revolver at police officers responding to a domestic violence report at this girlfriend's apartment. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Mumford Sports in Litchfield, Ohio","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": "9mm Llama semiautomatic handgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 37.7217468,"longitude": -122.4795065,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Lindhurst High School shooting","Location": "Olivehurst, California","Date": "5/1/1992","Year": 1992,"Summary": "Former Lindhurst High School student Eric Houston, 20, angry about various personal failings, killed three students and a teacher at the school before surrendering to police after an eight-hour standoff. He was later sentenced to death.","Fatalities": 4,"Injured": 10,"Total_victims": 14,"Venue": "School","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "No","Mental_Health": "He suffered violent physical abuse as a child. He claimed a teacher had sexually abused him, but the truth of that allegation was contested. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Local gun retailer","Type_of_weapons": "One rifle, one shotgun","Weapon_details": ".22-caliber sawed-off rifle; 12-gauge pump-action shotgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 42.3806287,"longitude": -76.8732921,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Royal Oak postal shootings","Location": "Royal Oak, Michigan","Date": "11/14/1991","Year": 1991,"Summary": "Laid-off postal worker Thomas McIlvane, 31, opened fire at his former workplace before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 5,"Injured": 5,"Total_victims": 10,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "Police revoked his CCW permit after determining he was mentally unstable.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Local gun store","Type_of_weapons": "One rifle","Weapon_details": ".22-caliber Ruger sawed-off semiautomatic rifle","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 39.0835805,"longitude": -121.5368966,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "University of Iowa shooting","Location": "Iowa City, Iowa","Date": "11/1/1991","Year": 1991,"Summary": "Former graduate student Gang Lu, 28, went on a rampage on campus and then committed suicide at the scene.","Fatalities": 6,"Injured": 1,"Total_victims": 7,"Venue": "School","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Unclear","Mental_Health": "He was described as darkly disturbed and isolated.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Fin & Feather in Iowa City, Iowa","Type_of_weapons": "One revolver","Weapon_details": ".38-caliber Taurus revolver","Race": "Asian","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 42.4894801,"longitude": -83.1446485,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Luby's massacre","Location": "Killeen, Texas","Date": "10/16/1991","Year": 1991,"Summary": "George Hennard, 35, drove his pickup truck into a Luby's cafeteria and opened fire before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 24,"Injured": 20,"Total_victims": 44,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "No","Mental_Health": "Acquaintances described him as troubled, unstable, combative, and misogynistic. He made convenience store employees nervous.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Mike's Gun Shop in Henderson, Nev.","Type_of_weapons": "Two semiautomatic handguns","Weapon_details": "9mm Glock 17, 9mm Ruger P89 semiautomatic handguns","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;;","Mental_Health_Sources": ";","latitude": 41.6639748,"longitude": -91.5357677,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "GMAC massacre","Location": "Jacksonville, Florida","Date": "6/18/1990","Year": 1990,"Summary": "James Edward Pough, 42, opened fire at a General Motors Acceptance Corporation office before committing suicide. (The day prior, Pough killed a pimp and prostitute and injured two others. Those victims are not included in the mass murder count.)","Fatalities": 10,"Injured": 4,"Total_victims": 14,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "No","Mental_Health": "Police speculated he had a grudge against the people he killed. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Unknown","Type_of_weapons": "One rifle, one revolver","Weapon_details": ".30-caliber Universal M1 carbine rifle; .38-caliber revolver","Race": "black","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 31.103509,"longitude": -97.729111,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Standard Gravure shooting","Location": "Louisville, Kentucky","Date": "9/14/1989","Year": 1989,"Summary": "Joseph T. Wesbecker, 47, gunned down eight people at his former workplace before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 9,"Injured": 12,"Total_victims": 21,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "Prior to the shooting, he had voluntarily checked into hospitals for mental problems at least twice and attempted suicide three times. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "AK-47 purchased from Tilford's Gun Sales in Louisville, Ky. ","Type_of_weapons": "Three semiautomatic handguns (two assault), one rifle (assault), one revolver","Weapon_details": "Two Intratec MAC-11, 9mm SIG Sauer semiautomatic handguns; AK-47 Chinese variant semiautomatic rifle; .38-caliber revolver","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 30.362211,"longitude": -81.653366,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Stockton schoolyard shooting","Location": "Stockton, California","Date": "1/17/1989","Year": 1989,"Summary": "Patrick Purdy, 26, an alcoholic with a police record, launched an assault at Cleveland Elementary School, where many young Southeast Asian immigrants were enrolled. Purdy killed himself with a shot to the head.","Fatalities": 6,"Injured": 29,"Total_victims": 35,"Venue": "School","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "He told a mental health professional he was struggling to resist actions on thoughts which are destructive in nature. He also suffered from alcoholism. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Sandy Trading Post in Sandy, Ore.; Hunter Loan and Jewelry Co. in Stockton, Calif.","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun, one rifle (assault)","Weapon_details": "9mm Taurus semiautomatic handgun; AK-47 Chinese variant semiautomatic rifle","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";,6475926&dq=patrick+purdy&hl=en;,9171,151105,00.html","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 38.2526647,"longitude": -85.7584557,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "ESL shooting","Location": "Sunnyvale, California","Date": "2/16/1988","Year": 1988,"Summary": "Former ESL Incorporated employee Richard Farley, 39, gunned down seven people at his former workplace. He was later arrested and now sits on death row at San Quentin.","Fatalities": 7,"Injured": 4,"Total_victims": 11,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "He stalked and harassed his colleague Laura Black for four years until she was granted a temporary restraining order aginst him. Before he was fired for his bizarre behavior, he was ordered to undergo psychological counseling. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Various sporting goods and gun stores in Northern California","Type_of_weapons": "Two semiautomatic handguns, one rifle, two revolvers, two shotguns","Weapon_details": ".380 ACP Browning, 9mm Smith & Wesson semiautomatic handguns; Ruger M-77 .22-250 bolt-action rifle with scope; Mossberg 12-gauge pump-action, 12-gauge Benelli semiautomatic shotguns; .357 Magnum Smith & Wesson, .22 Sentinel WMR revolvers","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";,5898911&dq=richard+farley+shooting&hl=en;,576811&dq=richard+farley+shooting&hl=en","Mental_Health_Sources": ";","latitude": 37.9577016,"longitude": -121.2907796,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Shopping centers spree killings","Location": "Palm Bay, Florida","Date": "4/23/1987","Year": 1987,"Summary": "Retired librarian William Cruse, 59, was paranoid neighbors gossiped that he was gay. He drove to a Publix supermarket, killing two Florida Tech students en route before opening fire outside and killing a woman. He then drove to a Winn-Dixie supermarket and killed three more, including two police officers. Cruse was arrested after taking a hostage and died on death row in 2009.","Fatalities": 6,"Injured": 14,"Total_victims": 20,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "He suffered from paranoid delusions. A judge found that he suffered from extreme mental illness.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Gun store in Norwood, Ohio; The Oaks Trading Post in Melbourne, Fla.","Type_of_weapons": "One rifle, one revolver, one shotgun","Weapon_details": "Sturm, Ruger Mini-14 semiautomatic rifle; 20-gauge Winchester pump-action shotgun; .357 Ruger Blackhawk revolver","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": "","Mental_Health_Sources": "(Supreme Court of Florida Document)","latitude": 37.36883,"longitude": -122.0363496,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "United States Postal Service shooting","Location": "Edmond, Oklahoma","Date": "8/20/1986","Year": 1986,"Summary": "Postal worker Patrick Sherrill, 44, opened fire at a post office before committing suicide.","Fatalities": 15,"Injured": 6,"Total_victims": 21,"Venue": "Workplace","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Unclear ","Mental_Health": "He was worried he had inherited mental problems and rebuffed a pastor's suggestion he seek psychiatric counseling. His family members denied he had a history of mental illness.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Issued by Oklahoma National Guard, where Sherrill served, for target competition ","Type_of_weapons": "Three semiautomatic handguns","Weapon_details": ".22-caliber, two .45-caliber Colt Model 1911-A1 semiautomatic handguns","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ",4870051&dq=patrick+sherrill&hl=en","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 35.663433,"longitude": -97.479744,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "San Ysidro McDonald's massacre","Location": "San Ysidro, California","Date": "7/18/1984","Year": 1984,"Summary": "James Oliver Huberty, 41, opened fire in a McDonald's restaurant before he was shot dead by a police officer.","Fatalities": 22,"Injured": 19,"Total_victims": 41,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "The day before the shooting, he tried to make an appointment at a mental health clinic. ","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Unknown","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun, one rifle (assault), one shotgun","Weapon_details": "9mm Browning P35 Hi-Power semiautomatic handgun; 9mm Israeli Military Industries Uzi Model A carbine semiautomatic rifle; 12-gauge Winchester 1200 pump-action shotgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 32.557086,"longitude": -117.047323,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Dallas nightclub shooting","Location": "Dallas, Texas","Date": "6/29/1984","Year": 1984,"Summary": "Abdelkrim Belachheb, 39, opened fire at an upscale nightclub after a woman rejected his advances. He was later arrested.","Fatalities": 6,"Injured": 1,"Total_victims": 7,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "During his last meal with his wife, he confessed he was depressed and had visited psychiatric hospitals in Belgium.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "No","Where_obtained": "Hines Boulevard Pawn Shop in Dallas, Texas","Type_of_weapons": "One semiautomatic handgun","Weapon_details": "9mm Smith & Wesson 459 semiautomatic handgun","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;,2915759&dq=abdelkrim+belachheb&hl=en;","Mental_Health_Sources": "","latitude": 32.802282,"longitude": -96.799393,"Type": "Mass"},
{"Case": "Welding shop shooting","Location": "Miami, Florida","Date": "8/20/1982","Year": 1982,"Summary": "Junior high school teacher Carl Robert Brown, 51, opened fire inside a welding shop and was later shot dead by a witness as he fled the scene.","Fatalities": 8,"Injured": 3,"Total_victims": 11,"Venue": "Other","Prior_signs_of_possible_mental_illness": "Yes","Mental_Health": "His second wife left him because he refused to seek psychological help. He had become increasingly isolated. One former student said he was off his rocker.","Weapons_obtained_legally": "Yes","Where_obtained": "Garcia Gun Center in Hialeah, Fla.","Type_of_weapons": "One shotgun","Weapon_details": "Mossberg 500 Persuader pump-action shotgun with pistol grip","Race": "white","Gender": "Male","Sources": ";;","Mental_Health_Sources": ",1435085&dq=carl+robert+brown","latitude": 25.796491,"longitude": -80.226683,"Type": "Mass"}]
// School of Information, UC Berkeley
// INFO 247 Lab 10: D3.js Part III
// data from Mother Jones (// Data from Mother Jones
var range = [50, 600];
var y = 208;
var dateStart = new Date(2009, 0, 1),
dateEnd = new Date(2012, 11, 31);
// cleaning up data
var data = _.chain(tb["data"])
.map(function(d, i) {
d.Date = new Date(d.Date);
return d;
.filter(function(d, i) {
return d.Date >= dateStart && d.Date <= dateEnd;
var timeScale = d3.time.scale()
.domain([dateStart, dateEnd])
var radiusScale = d3.scale.sqrt()
.domain([1, 70])
.range([2, 20]);
// ===============================================
// Draw timeline
"x1": range[0],
"x2": range[1],
"y1": y,
"y2": y
"stroke": "#000000",
"stroke-width": 2
var axis = d3.svg.axis()
"transform": "translate(0,243)"
// ===============================================
// Bubbles for events
"class": "total",
"r": 8, // <== we want to show the number of fatalities here
"cx": 50 // <== we want to move the event bubbles to
// where they are on a timeline
"cy": y
"opacity": 0.5,
"fill": "#EB6D27"
#btn {
position: absolute;
top: 56px;
left: 0px;
#display {
background-color: #FFF;
rect.year {
opacity: .2
rect.year:nth-child(even) {
fill: #000000;
rect.year:nth-child(odd) {
fill: #858585;
text.year {
fill: #FFF;
font-size: 40px;
font-family: "Helvetica Neue", "Helvetica", sans-serif;
font-weight: 200;
letter-spacing: -1px
path.domain {
fill: none
.tick line {
stroke-width: 1;
stroke: #000
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