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patch to make GraspIt! 2.2 compilable in Ubuntu 14.04
diff -rupN Graspit/ GraspitNew/
--- Graspit/ 2012-04-21 01:03:59.000000000 +0700
+++ GraspitNew/ 2014-09-04 12:06:38.646600227 +0700
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ LIBS += -lqhull
LIBS += -lSoQt -lCoin
#add utility libraries
-LIBS += -lGL -lpthread
+LIBS += -lGL -lpthread -ldl
MOC_DIR = .moc
diff -rupN Graspit/src/ivmgr.cpp GraspitNew/src/ivmgr.cpp
--- Graspit/src/ivmgr.cpp 2012-03-29 06:33:56.000000000 +0700
+++ GraspitNew/src/ivmgr.cpp 2014-09-04 12:04:06.346596149 +0700
@@ -1540,7 +1540,7 @@ IVmgr::saveImage(QString filename)
int numtypes = myRenderer->getNumWriteFiletypes();
- SbList<SbName> extList;
+ SbPList extList;
SbString fullname;
SbString desc;
for (int i=0;i<numtypes;i++) {

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@kdmojdehi kdmojdehi commented May 7, 2015

is anyone else wondering how this patch should be applied? (and why is there an open for statement in the last line?)


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@potpath potpath commented May 20, 2015

How to apply graspit.patch file

  1. Put graspit.patch in root directory of Graspit 2.2.
  2. cd to root directory of Graspit 2.2.
  3. patch -p1 < graspit.patch

An open for statement is just a context of the different line when creating patch.
FYI, see


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@emigmo emigmo commented Apr 22, 2016

why that:
" for (int i=0;i<numtypes;i++) { "
at the last line ?


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@jvarley jvarley commented May 27, 2016

This is out of date. GraspIt! runs fine with 14.04

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