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iOS & OS X Developer Resources


  • ASCII WWDC - WWDC session transcripts.
  • NSHipster - Cocoa weekly from Mattt Thompson. Creator of AFNetworking.
  • - Great resource where each issue consists of a collection posts that all focus on one over arching topic such as testing, Auto Layout, Swift, etc.
  • Mike Ash - Self described as "Wizard without portfolio" Mike Ash is very widely read in the Cocoa community.
  • Bill Bumgarner's Stack Overflow answers - Long time Apple developer who provides well written answers to some of the hairier questions on ObjC and iOS.
  • iOS Dev Weekly - Excellent and widely read weekly that aggregates some of the best writing in the Cocoa developer community.
  • Stable Kernel - Joe Conway, one of the original authors of BNR's Beginning iOS book and former BNR engineer and instructor.
  • Big Nerd Ranch Blog - Posts "from the ranch" on iOS, Swift, ObjC, Android, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and HTML5.
  • Swift Revision History (ksm) - GitHub repo dedicated to monitoring updates to Swift.
  • What’s New in Xcode - Apple provided change log for Xcode, Instruments, Simulator, and associated developer tools.
  • Apple MobileHIG - More of a document than a blog. Apple's Mobile Human Interface Guidelines (Mobile HIG) is the definitive guide to following best practices in regards to design and UX.



Conferences / Meet ups

  • Seattle Xcoders, they're a group that meets regularly to discuss projects, learn new techniques and APIs, and also to simply network with other Seattle-area Mac/iOS devs.



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