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Rafael Prado pradorocchi

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pradorocchi / ssh-fingerprints.csv
Created Jan 16, 2021
Top 1,000 Duplicate SSH Fingerprints on the Internet
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dc:14:de:8e:d7:c1:15:43:23:82:25:81:d2:59:e8:c0 245272
32:f9:38:a2:39:d0:c5:f5:ba:bd:b7:75:2b:00:f6:ab 197846
d0:db:8a:cb:74:c8:37:e4:9e:71:fc:7a:eb:d6:40:81 152046
34:47:0f:e9:1a:c2:eb:56:eb:cc:58:59:3a:02:80:b6 140777
df:17:d6:57:7a:37:00:7a:87:5e:4e:ed:2f:a3:d5:dd 91904
81:96:a6:8c:3a:75:f3:be:84:5e:cc:99:a7:ab:3e:d9 80499
7c:a8:25:21:13:a2:eb:00:a6:c1:76:ca:6b:48:6e:bf 78172
1c:1e:29:43:d2:0c:c1:75:40:05:30:03:d4:02:d7:9b 71851
8b:75:88:08:41:78:11:5b:49:68:11:42:64:12:6d:49 70786
c2:77:c8:c5:72:17:e2:5b:4f:a2:4e:e3:04:0c:35:c9 68654
pradorocchi / process_names.txt
Created Jun 13, 2020 — forked from miguelmota/process_names.txt
macOS process whitelist
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# not an exhaustive list
nsurlsessiond "icloud sync"
fseventsd "macos file system events"
WindowServer "macos windows"
DisplayLinkManager "macos driver"
configd "macos dynamic configuration"
displaypolicyd "macos process"
CommCenter "macos keychain"
kernel_task "macos kernel"
pradorocchi / cve-2020-0022.c
Created Feb 14, 2020
poc for cve-2020-0022
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* gcc -lbluetooth poc.c -o poc
* sudo ./poc MAC_ADDR
* only tested with raspberry pi 3B as attacker, and samsung s9 plus hk(Android 9) as victim
* about 3-7 times try, bluetooth proc will crash and restart
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>