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macOS process whitelist
# not an exhaustive list
nsurlsessiond "icloud sync"
fseventsd "macos file system events"
WindowServer "macos windows"
DisplayLinkManager "macos driver"
configd "macos dynamic configuration"
displaypolicyd "macos process"
CommCenter "macos keychain"
kernel_task "macos kernel"
opendirectoryd "macos users, groups, etc"
mds "macos metadata server for spotlight"
diskmanagementd "mac os stuff"
airportd "macos wifi"
locationd "macos location daemon"
identityserviced "icloud facetime stuff"
launchservicesd "macos stuff"
crashpad_handler "macos crash reporting"
ReportCrash "macos crash reporting"
mdworker "macos spotlight worker"
DataDetectorsSourceAccess "macos stuff"
cloudd "macos icloud daemon"
rtcreportingd "macos home sharing"
gamed "macos game center"
ckkeyrolld "macos verifies encryption metadata"
fmfd "macos find my friends"
CalendarAgent "macos calendar"
AppleIDAuthAgent "macos"
apsd "apple push notifications"
photolibraryd "macos"
passd "macos"
akd "macos auth"
keyboardservicesd "clipboard"
assistantd "macos dictation"
commerce "macos music stuff"
touristd "macos new to mac guide"
timed "macos"
hidd "macos human interface device daemon
UserEventAgent "macos daemon
trustd "macos service to evaulate certificates
coreaudiod "macos audio daemon"
nurlsessionid "macos icloud service"
configd "macos daemon"
securityd "macos"
mDNSResponder "macos bonjour protocol"
nbagent "macos software update" "macos location services"
crashpad_handler "macos crash reporting"
launchd "macos service control manager"
APFSUserAgent "macos checks for encrypted volumes"
AirPlayUIAgent "macos airplay"
AirPlayXPCHelper "macos airplay"
# apps
plugin_host "sublime text plugins"
Photos Agent
Google Chrome
Google Chrome Helper
Sublime Text "custom app"
Dropbox "custom app"
1Password mini "custom app"
Activity Monitor
LaunchBar "custom app"
Flux "custom app"
AGMService "adobe creative genuine service"
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