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Last active July 17, 2020 17:09
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from import TensorDataset, DataLoader, RandomSampler, SequentialSampler
#define a batch size
batch_size = 32
# wrap tensors
train_data = TensorDataset(train_seq, train_mask, train_y)
# sampler for sampling the data during training
train_sampler = RandomSampler(train_data)
# dataLoader for train set
train_dataloader = DataLoader(train_data, sampler=train_sampler, batch_size=batch_size)
# wrap tensors
val_data = TensorDataset(val_seq, val_mask, val_y)
# sampler for sampling the data during training
val_sampler = SequentialSampler(val_data)
# dataLoader for validation set
val_dataloader = DataLoader(val_data, sampler = val_sampler, batch_size=batch_size)
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