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Using StartSSL Certs with Nginx-Webserver

NOTE: You can check, if your config here:

Decrypt the private key using the password you entered when you created your key:
openssl rsa -in ssl.key -out /etc/nginx/conf/ssl.key

Protect your key from prying eyes:
chmod 600 /etc/nginx/conf/ssl.key

Fetch StartSSL’s root CA and class 1 intermediate server CA certificates:

Create a unified certificate from your certificate and the CA certificates:
cat ssl.crt > /etc/nginx/conf/ssl-unified.crt

Configure your nginx server to use the new key and certificate (in the global settings or a server section):
ssl on;
ssl_certificate /etc/nginx/conf/ssl-unified.crt;
ssl_certificate_key /etc/nginx/conf/ssl.key;

Now reload Nginx configuration


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purcell commented Jan 10, 2014

Very helpful - thanks for this!


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psgganesh commented Nov 17, 2015

Thanks :) 👍


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jeewangue commented Sep 6, 2016

Thanks!! :D

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