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Async Show and Tell

Async's 3rd Birthday Show n' Tell

Thursday 23rd May, 2013

Full info on the Async website
✈ Sign up to attend on the event's Lanyrd page.

Speakers gist

Would you like to speak on the night? You’ll have five minutes, that’s 300 seconds, to tell us about something… a project, a library, a technique, a story, or anything else on JavaScript and its techy friends (HTML, CSS, SVG, animated GIFs), or the wider world of web.

Please leave a comment below (you can use Markdown if you want) and include:

  • Your name
  • Your main website, if you have one
  • Twitter username, if you have one
  • A sentence or two about your talk
  • Any relevant links
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Yep, I'll do a quick talk. I've been working on a set of different visualisations of the same dataset (Wimbledon 2012) using JavaScript/D3/SVG and will show some of them.

Peter Cook

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I could talk about one or two of the pointless things I've made recently, such as noisebox


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I could give a demo on some of the new additions to Pablo, a web graphics library I created for manipulating SVG with JavaScript. Or... a look at our skunkworks project, Noodle, a re-imagining of YQL for Node.js.

Premasagar Rose

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cham commented May 15, 2013

edit: sorry, just remembered I'm in Amsterdam on that day :(

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We're in the middle of a major overhaul of our tools at Myna to support A/B testing in modern HTML 5 web and mobile apps. I'll talk a little about the architecture of the system and demo some of the HTML5 features we're incorporating into our toolchain.

Name: Dave Gurnell
Web site:
Twitter: @davegurnell, @mynaweb

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I'm in the middle of writing a little article on generalism in web-design/web-development processes and I'd like to share my account on that topic. Here's my writeup:

Julian Krispel-Samsel

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Sadly, I've run out of time and won't be able to get this finished for tonight

I could give a preamble to a future talk on recent developments in Philosophy and how they may affect the way we think, work, code...

The 'Speculative turn' in Philosophy has shifted the emphasis from the analytic to synthetic... As programming combines the two, this could have serious ramifications for the way we work in the future... With mathematics at the centre of a new synthetic philosophy what might this mean for programming?

After a brief orientation, I will dip into Graham Harman's Object Oriented Philosophy to see if there is anything we can learn from it.

Julian Weaver
@hypodotio @finetunedltd

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ghost commented May 22, 2013

@Hyponym that sounds interesting!

I'll be able to be there for only 30 mins, but I can give a quick 5 minute talk on my experience going from an Obj-C Zero to App Store on a few weeks of spare time, and what I, as a JS developer, learned from iOS development that can be applied to Mobile Web Apps.

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