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Last active May 23, 2023 07:28
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How to download m3u8 and ts video movie streams.

m3u8 Downloading

  1. Open Chrome Developer tools and click the Network tab.
  2. Navigate to the page with the video and get it to start playing.
  3. Filter the list of files to "m3u8".
  4. Find master.m3u8 or index.m3u8 and click on it.
  5. Save the file to disk and look inside it.
  6. If the file contains a single m3u8 master url, copy that one instead.
  7. Run the program m3u8x.
  8. Paste the same m3u8 url in both textboxes (URL and Quality URL) and click "Headers" and set the referral url and user-agent from the request as found in Chrome.
  9. Select the Video format of "MP4".
  10. Checkmark "One .. One".
  11. Click "Download".
  12. A dialog will display with all of the individual .ts files. Click "Download" to download them all and join them together.

Auto-Clicking Continue Dialog

Occasionally, the download of one of the .ts files may fail and a dialog will displaying asking to continue or not. You can automatically click "Yes" and continue downloading everything by using a tool such as Buzof.

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Clicknith commented Jun 11, 2022

We could also use the "Youtube-dl" command line using the command prompt, it downloads the ".m3u8" extension video file

Refer :

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I'm trying to download a concert replay, but I can't find how to get the 1080p file. I managed to download the default 480p version, but I don't get another "index.m3u8" file when I manually change the quality, and I don't understand how to do it through your software. Any idea ?

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just use this one....
open-source and feature rich

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